In Love With My Best Friend by: Yaritza Garcia

In Love With My Best Friend by: Yaritza Garcia

Please read this story it has a good message and I think we should all support it.

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In Love With My Best Friend by: Yaritza Garcia

“I’m sitting on the bus next to my best friend, Gerard, and my palms are sweating. I’ve known him for two years, and he’s my best friend in the whole world. I’m usually relaxed around him, and I love goofing off with him. Today is different, though. You see, I’ve had a huge crush on Gerard for months now. To be honest, I’m in love with him. Head over heels. I’m extra nervous today because I’ve decided I need to tell him.
I know what you’re thinking: bad idea! This never works! But if you’ve ever been in my situation, you know how complicated this can be. He comes to me for advice about everything. And I mean everything. I have to hear him talk about the girls he likes. Girls which, by the way, I think are completely wrong for him! I just can’t take it anymore.
I’ve picked today because we’re on a field trip with our art class, so we’ll get a little more privacy during lunch (as opposed to the crowded school cafeteria). That’s when I’ll let him know my feelings.
Gerard stares out the window as the bus drives down the interstate. He’s wearing a loose fitting knitted cap, a faded Nirvana t-shirt, and brand new jeans. He catches me checking him out.”
“bring myself to buy jeans with holes already in them”, he says to me. I laugh. He has a point.
As the bus pulls up to the art museum, Gerard realizes I’m being a lot more quiet than usual. He asks me if I’m okay.
“Yeah”, I try to sound casual. Our teacher gets up and quickly starts herding us out of the door before I can say another word.
We all walk up the stairs to the museum as a group, but Gerard and I quickly separate from the rest as soon as we cross the double doors. He’s such an art geek that he is stoked to see an original work by Van Gogh. We bob and weave through the crowd, trying not to kill any priceless artworks. As we pass by a Greek statue, he says it kind of looks like me. I blush. The statue was beautiful.
We finally find a large room with various paintings, and at the end, we see a large Van Gogh. We’re crammed in the room, waiting for everyone to take their long looks and pictures. My elbow is pressed against Gerard’s, and that’s the only part of my body I can feel. I start to get nervous all over again.
A few minutes pass and we are in front of the beautiful masterpiece. Gerard starts pointing out little tidbits about the painting, but I can barely understand what he’s saying. My head’s in a fog. All I can think about is how he’s going to react when I tell him my secret…
“The guy was a genius”, he says, still admiring the painting. “He made nine hundred paintings in just ten years.” “I glance at my watch as Gerard takes some photos of the painting with his iPhone. It’s too early for lunch, but I can’t take it anymore. I convince him to come have a pretzel with me outside. We shimmy our way out of the room and out of the museum again. We see a vendor, grab a couple of cokes and pretzels, and sit down on the stairs in front of the building.
I could not think of a better, more romantic scenario. The sun shines brightly on our faces, warming us up on the cold September day. People walk by dreamily and without hurry. We have a wonderful water fountain in view. It’s my moment. I try to start the subject casually.
“So, how’s the dating scene?” I instantly regret the question. It was meant to sound casual, but it immediately sounded stupid and cliché to me. Gerard didn’t seem to notice.
“It’s okay, I guess”, he says, “There’s this new girl in homeroom I’ve been talking to. She’s so hot. She’s from Alabama, so she’s got that southern twang, you know?”
My heart sinks. Gerard was crushing on another girl again. He’s such an infatuation junkie “Mike?” He asks me as I fail to respond.
“Oh,”, I reply, “I like someone, but they’re not interested. It’s okay, though. I’m still just waiting for the perfect person.”
-Yaritza Garcia

*I must add this note at the end. Some of the people who have read this have asked me to write more, because they wonder if “she” will ever tell her best friend she’s in love with him.
Actually, take a closer look at the end…
The person here is named Mike, and he is a gay, and in love with his best friend.
This is a gay story, and the end subtly reveals it.
I hope you still enjoy the story
and leave me your opinions in the review box!
Thanks so much for reading!
=^ v ^=”

--All the credit goes to the original author. All I want is for you guys to repost it if you support gay marriage--
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nice story... in my head i was seeing a girl all along but it was kinda funny to realize it was a guy (not a girl) and i had to go all over my head to change the scene
on December 30, 2013
aww , that's sad
on December 01, 2013
I reposted it!
on September 09, 2013