It just came to me at complete randomness. Very unexpected. I want it to be confusing.

published on September 02, 20137 reads 7 readers 0 completed

Wide Mouth

        Nine days. The sounds are there. Lurking about. Lingering. The scratching and splashing and bone-chilling atmosphere. All I can do is sit here staring at my door. Just yesterday, this... being... was at my front door. Scratching it's bloody sharp nails against the wood. I was able to make out parts of the creature. Considering I was at my bedroom window. It was overly tall. Hunched over almost like a crab-like position. It's mouth was way too big for it's face. Swallowing it. It was smiling. It stood completely still for a good minute. I stared at it. In shock. Disbelief. I'm not sane. I'm not sane. The creature snapped it's neck in my direction so fast that I almost screamed. I could'nt be seen. That thing wants me. But I don't want It. Now here I am. Waiting. Kitchen knife is the only thing I have as a weapon. The moment that door opens. This night will turn into a bloody masacare. The scratching stops. I panic. I panic. Panic. Panicking. What did it do? Why did it stop? My whole body feels paralyzed. My head gets yanked back and all I can feel is wet saliva covering my face. My entire head is drenched. Everythings dark. Darkness. Devouring me completely. My forehead feels as if it's about to crack. I feel dizzy. Weak. I began to feel repulsive. I now realize what is happening.
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