The Characters of Fragiles

The Characters of Fragiles

These are the characters I am going to put in my new story I am writing~

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Introduction: Characters~!

Here are my characters and some of their traits:
Akira Fujimoto
Age: 17
Species: Neko
He is the most recent edition to Kyoya's slave collection. He is more of a c*** tease than anything, and he is mostly very curious and happy.
Yoshirou Hisakawa
Age: 19
Species: Neko
He is the one auctionee who has lasted the longest at Kyoya's, and it's basically love at first sight when he sees Akira. He basically likes all the other nekos, and doesn't particularly like humans.
Haru Isamu
Age: 18
Species: Neko
He is the ex lover of Hotaka, and he is very bitter, except for when he is around Yoshirou. He is very close with Yoshirou, and they were often bought together when they were younger.
Hotaka Jirou
Age: 22
Species: Human
He is the new auctioneer after his father Kyoya, and he once really liked and cared about nekos, until one got angry at him, and he lost an eye by the claws of Haru.
Kyoya Jirou
Age: 58
Species: Human
He hates nekos. Despises them. All after Haru clawed out his sons eye, he decided to auction nekos, and make sure that they could be hurt as much as the master could. He used to pull out their nails so they couldn't do anymore damage to people. This is why Haru and Yoshirou attempt to cover their hands as much as possible.
Kaito Minoru
Age: 16
Species: Neko
He is the second youngest of the group, and is a highly requested bid. He has about a week to recover from the wounds he gets, and then he has to go back in after that week. He wants to break free, and wants to bring everyone else with him. He is somewhat bubbly, but is very weak as well.
Makoto Kyo
Age: 13
Species: Neko
He is the youngest neko of the group, and he is the most innocent out of all of them. He may not have his innocence, but he still manages to be happy and perky even when he is bleeding from poor treatment.
Akemi Hinata
Age: 25
Species: Neko
She is the oldest of the nekos, but she is not really a she. She was really a man, but "she" feels more comfortable as a woman. She serves as a teacher for the other nekos, and she also enjoys talking to Haru and Yoshikou about life experiences.

So, those are the main characters of Fragile~ I hope you enjoyed reading about them, because it took me SO long to make this. :P Anyway, look forward to chapter one, which is coming soon! Sorry, I couldn't put images, but I'll try to upload them all to my album~
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