Journey Through My World of Sleep

Journey Through My World of Sleep

My fears, my love, and my second world. This is recordings of my dreams I have but not just any random dream. Only the ones that have meaning to me, or the ones that make me feel feelings, or I can't get out of my head. Now that's a good dream.

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Chapter 1.

The Drunk Man's Son

My friend Jess and I had left my Grandma's house for a quick walk to the store around the corner. It was late but I had no fears in the world walking this street. I had walked it plenty of times late at night with no problems. We got our cherry slushies and popcorn to enjoy while we watched our movie. We paid and left happily. We were walking towards 15th avenue laughing at each others jokes. I suddenly stopped. I could see on the corner the neighborhood drunk, Eddie Tarkus. A fat old perve that wreaked of alcohol. He wore the same stained white shirt and tan slacks as always. Everyone woman and child feared him due to him always being belligerent. This time he wasn't alone though. He was with a group of his drinking friends and all of him were just the same. They were busy yelling at people as always. Jess and I edged closer hoping none of them would notice to us. We were right behind them getting closer the corner of my Grandma's street. Finally we made it around the corner with out being notice.

"Hey you, come here little women." Eddie Tarkus said.

My heart dropped into my stomach. He had the creepiest voice, enough to make your skin crawl. We didn't take the time too look back or answer, we just ran. I could see my grandmas house. He could here Eddie's feet hitting the ground behind us. We ran across the yard, up the steps, and crashed through the door. We slammed the door and locked it. I was relieved to see the inside of my grandma's house. We went to the window and looked out it. Eddie was in the yard flipping the house off and yelling very choosy words at the house. We giggled in relief as he stumbled out of the yard.

We popped in our movie, laid down and talked for a while. About normal girl still, Eddie Tarkus, and we what wanted to tomorrow. We finally fell silent feeling drowsy, we drifted slowly into our slumber. But I only slept for what it felt like a five minutes. I woke to my grandma's dog Daisy barking but not barking at the front door as usual. She was in the kitchen, barking at the basement door. I could hear what she was barking at, It sounded like there was boxing moving down there. I always had a bad feeling about the basement. Ever since I could remember there was a hose running through the basement door on the landing. This door with the hose running through, lead to the outside world. The big scary dark world where anyone could just enter the door if wanted. I locked the lock on the handle and the chain lock above as quietly ass possible. I stepped back slowly not taking my eyes off the door. I was shaking, confused, and my heart was pumping. Loudly, I could hear it thundering in my years. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly I could hear their foot steps coming up the stairs. I couldn't move I was paralyzed. I heard the side door creak open and they  were gone. Daisy was growling loudly and snarling. I walked into the living room frightened, I got back into my bed on the floor curled up in a ball and hid under the blanket. Like a little kid does when they are afraid of the dark and their imaginations are running wild. Before I knew I was a sleep again. I didn't dream that night which is a surprise but deep in my mind I knew my thoughts were still on the basement.

The next day I woke early, it was bright and sunny out which was odd, the sudden weather change was. I told Jess about what happen and she gave me a terrifying look.

"You need to tell your grandma, good thing Daisy was barking or you wouldn't have locked the door. Imagine what could have happen. I honest think it was Eddie."

I agreed to tell my grandma but she did what I was dreading. She marched down to the basement to investigate. I went down there too, just to see. I was horrified at what I saw. Whoever had came in, tore the basement apart. We went back upstairs and she phoned the police. The police came but could never find any evidence. I told the police who I thought it was but that wasn't any help.

Jess and I cooked some breakfast which included sunny side up eggs, bacon and toast. We ate quickly so we could leave to enjoy our day.

We finally got outside after an hour of getting ready. We were sitting on the front porch. I always enjoyed sitting in the sun on my Grandma's porch. It was a nice and quite neighborhood till night fell at least. Other than it was a great place to enjoy a book and who reads outside at night anyways? As we were talking these guys a cross the street were yelling for Jess. I stayed on the porch and watched as she walked over to the house they were calling from. She got there, she conversed with them for a second but suddenly one of the guys stood up and punched her in the face. It was so hard she fell to the ground and laid there limp. In a panic I ran into the house to get my grandma. My grandma said she was going out there.

"NO, Grandma please don't", I begged her.

I was trying to dial 911 and keep my grandma in the house when the guy who punched Jess in the face was on the front porch. I ran to the door and was pushing with all my strength to get it shut but the guy had pushed the screen in on the screen door and pushed the door open. He walked in and this is what he said with a huge malicious grin.

"what's going on in here?"

He immediately went for my younger brother. He had a rope in one if his hands. He grabbed my brother and wrapped the rope around his neck. I ran the other direction where I spotted my brothers phone. I dialed 911 screaming. That's when I recognized the boy as Eddie Tarkus' son.
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