Zombie Apocalypse Story excerpt

Zombie Apocalypse Story excerpt

I am writing a very an actual book on the zombie apocalypse. I thought you guys could help me with it. The things I will accept ideas for What happens How long it is What should I change about the writing itself

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Excerpt 1

Survive The Undead
Part I
        It was a normal day in Montville. The sun was out, birds chirpng, kids were at school. Everything was good here. Kids were getting home from school after it ended early because of a report about a new flu like disease. Parents were advised to keep their kids home if they were sick. Most people thought nothing of this, think that it would be over in a week. They were so, very wrong.
        It al started around 9:10. Algebra. We went to the computer lab to do some testing for school. We were told that we could look on the internet if we finished for something to keep us busy. I decided that I would check the news, seeing that there are usually interesting stories there. I check and a story startled me. There were reports of cannibals eating people out in East Lyme. Funny, Connecticut isn't usually a very eventful place. Especially with something like that. I kept looking at other stories. We were heading back to class. When I was outside the room, an announcement was made. “ School is dismissed. Please get kids to their buses immediately. Thank you.” The teachers let kids get stuff from their lockers as most kids were given homework. I got my stuff and headed out to the buses when I realized something was wrong. They told us to run to our buses. When they were full, they left. I missed mine, but there was one last bus with a few seats left. I got on and sat next to my friend Nick. “What do you think that this is all about.?” I asked. “Someone at school attacked a student and ripped his face off.” he replied. I knew that the “flu” was more than just the flu. We were headed to the outskirts of Connecticut where not too many people lived. The bus driver turned on the radio to try and calm us down. It didn't help that their was a news broadcast saying that the flu like virus caused you to turn nto a flesh eating monster, a zombie. All of the kids were really scared at this point. “Nick, what the hell is going on?” Before he could answer, the bus crashed into a tree. I hit my head and was knocked out. I woke up to hearing moans outside and a gash on my forehead. I looked and saw that the bus driver was part of the undead. We were really close to Nick's house. I shook Nick, getting him to wake up. “Wh-what happened?” he asked, really tiredly. “No time to explain. Listen, we need to run to your house, zombies are outside.” I told him. We ran to his house and found out that a few other people had come with us. My friend Seamus (We convinced him to come back to our school) and others I didn't recognize. We got in Nick's house and his dad rushed us into the living room. He started talking to us. “Kids, listen. Zombies are everywhere. There are machetes in the basement. I'm going to sharpen them and teach you how to use them so you can kill zombies . I can't call your parents, the phone lines are down. I won't kick you guys out, but don't be annoying.. I gotta sharpen the machetes.” He went to the basement and everyone started talking. “I wish I had Mogar, put a blade on him and we're safe.” Seamus yelled. “Keep it down, zombies are attracted to noise.” Nick's dad yelled from the basement. I asked to fill up the tub with water so we can drink when the power goes out. Nick said that he would fill up all of the containers he could. Everyone helped. “Guys, come downstairs.” Nick's dad said from the basement. We went down and Nick's dad taught us everything we should know about how to use the macheete and where to swing to kill the zombie. “Mr. Tibbets, can I got to the bus? I think I had my zombie survival manual in my backpack.” I asked. “ I have some Ghille suits, Nick can go with you. Put a suit on and go.” he replied.
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This is really good and interesting! Please add more!
on September 18, 2015