special girl ( tamaki x reader, host club love story)

special girl ( tamaki x reader, host club love story)

my life has changed since I first started ouron high school. I tried to find a quiet place to work.

published on September 04, 2013114 reads 31 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

missteken.... for a boy!

my life has changed a lot  since I started ouron high school." there has to be a a quiet room some where to study in," I said as I stopped in front of the emty music room."welcome" the host club screamed in my face."and who might this be, what is your name young man?" a tall man with short rimed classes said." young man?" I said." yes, you are a man right?" he said."kyoyoa, leave her be, her name is Y/N,and she is in my class" said a familer voice."harui?" I said."yes Y/N im in the host club," harui said."how would you like to join the ouron host club?"
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Comments (2)

Awesome story so far keep up the great work ??
on January 01, 2017
Plz update
on November 08, 2013