My life in Closure is a mixture of happy, sad, cruel, terrifying, mysterious, life risking events that caused me to go insane. I will never forget the events that took place...

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Sunny and calm during the day, stormy and loud during the night.Everyday. A dead town atop an island. With that special place. The lighthouse. That sacred lighthouse that just sits there through anything. Everyone seems. Normal. No tragedy, no mischief. Nothing wrong ever happens. The only thing is. Were a weird town. We do things differently versus average towns and cities. We have a lot of houses with broken roofs. No furniture but somewhere to sleep. We have a sheriff, but no crime. Restaurants with normal food and such. No phones. Old style clothing no matter what year it is. And the one thing that everyone worships. The lighthouse. No matter how bad the storms became. That lighthouse would still be there. Giving us light. Giving us protection. But we also have a mysterious creature who lurks about the island. Searching for... light. Any sense of light he can find to make himself stronger. He lives on it. He lives off it. This is what scares us all the most. If he takes out the lighthouse... we all get sucked down into the ocean. No light means being sucked deep down to the core. No one wants that. No one needs that. I have only once encountered the strange being. This was some years ago. I wanted to go to the park at night but mom and dad wouldn't let me. I took it upon myself to go anyways while they slept. It was 11:00 at the time. I was so happy playing in the park by myself at night. That day turned around the moment I spotted the creature. He was standing tall. Too tall. Taller then the slide that was for sure. He just stood there. Watching me. Everything was black about him. Nothing glowed or shined. I decided to be stupid and run up to him. I was never scared of anything when I was young. Going full force. With. Everything. I only came up to his knees at the time. I looked up at him. The words he said. Changed me forever. I remember them perfectly.

                        Our fate is tied together.You belong to me now. Whatever I tell you to do. You do. If you shall not, I'll erase you. And if it means rapping my hands around your tiny little neck. I'll do just so. Listen if you have ears. Listen closely. When you reach age 17, you will officially be mine. Which means for here on out. You Can Not leave the island. If you try. Torture. If you think. Beatings. If you do. Erase. I'm your mate, father, cousin, uncle all. All in one. We are family now. We live in the night and take the light. This is what you must know Axsis. This is all you ever needed to know.

                                This is why I am the way I am. I do what he says. I do what I am told. Tommorows my seventeenth birthday. The time is right there. So close I can taste it. I'm terrified.
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