Rockpath's Battle

Rockpath's Battle

Rockkit knew she was diffrent. She knew she wasnt meant to be a clan cat. Now she has to make her mark on IceClan, woth her best friend, her best enemy, and thee hot Toms. Can she survive the battle?

published on August 25, 20135 reads 5 readers 2 not completed
Page One

Page One

"I'm bored," Rockkit mewed.
"Me too," Jaggedkit agreedd. "Wanna play clan?"
"Sure, sounnds great!" Longkit meowered. "I'LL be Eaglestar."
"I'll be Willowfur," Sunkit declared.
The four young kits of IceClan were sitting outside. Greenleaf was just about  over, annd most of the landrunners were  out of camp. The queens and the elders were snoozing on the warm stones. Even thhe meedicine cat, Lilacbreeze was out with her apprentice collecting herbs. That being so, the poor kits  must play by themselves.
"You can't be Willowfur," Jaggeddkit snorted. "Willowfur's a she-cat!"
"That means only Rockkit can  be Willowfur," groaned Longkit. Rockkit smirrked and lashed her blue tail around.
"Isn't it so terrible that you guys weren't born she-cat?" she sighed innocently.
"Fine, you can be Willowfur," sighed Longkit.
"I'll be Ceedarpeelt!" meowred Jaggedkit. Sunkit frowned now, his golden fur bristling.
"Well who can I be?!" he growled.
"You can be a stinky old  medicine cat!" snoorted Longkit.
"Come agin?" Rockkit jumped when she realized that Lil;acbreeze was behind her. Lilacbreeze had a lilac coat and blue eyes that were now narrowed. Behind her was her apprentice, Cloudpaw.  Cloudpaw's fur bristled and she was holding beech leaves, all overflowing with herbs.
LLongkit went hot. He muttered, "Sorry, I mmeant the nice heelpful medicne cat who only eats berries."
LLilacbreeze'ss eyes widdened, but her expression softened. "Only eats ber- Oh, no kits, I don't eat berries."
""You don't?!" Rockkit gasped.
"No,  I eat fish and bbirds like any IceClanncat. I am  still a cat."

EExcuuse the double letters, my computter's acting funky today. I'lll add a page daily, so sttay ttuned! :D
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Comments (2)

Many errors, so it was hard 4 me to read.
on August 07, 2015
It's pretty nice.
Sweet, as in good.
on July 17, 2014