Broken Future

Broken Future

It's the year 2015, everyone thought it was just another day... Yet something no one expected happened. A zombie Apocalypse, 5 survivors and a Broken Future...

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It all happened fast. At first I thought it was all a dream... But then I realised, it was all real. The dead were really walking, they were really trying to kill us all. And I needed to survive and get the hell out of here... and fast.

It all started this morning, during this fateful day...
''Naoki, don't forget I'll be waiting for you after school here in the workshop!'' exclaimed my dad as I was going to school. ''Yeah! don't worry old man, we have to finish that car anyways!'' I replied and grinned while looking back at my father who seemed to be waving off goodbye. My dad was a car technician and he had his own workshop. I enjoyed the spending my days helping my father. It was fun and earned me some money at times which was really helpful.

I remember walking up to school as I normally do. I met my friend Kaito, who seemed to be as happy as I was, since today we were going to help at my dad's workshop and earn some money. After all we were already third years at high school with nothing better to do.

At lunch time, Kaito and I sneaked out to the roof where we decided to have lunch, the roof was out of limits to students, but from time to time we dared to break the rules a bit.
As time passed, whilst we were on the roof eating and spying all the other students from above, we heard an unusual ruckus around the back gates area.

We heard screams and were able to see some students eating each other. One was sane one moment... but the next they were walking with blood all over their uniforms and seemed to be gravely injured. ''Kaito, we better get down and alert everyone else'' I shouted, whilst Kaito just nodded in agreement and followed me out of the roof.

We stopped halfway to grab some weapons, anything we could find. I went to get a baseball batt for us both. We proceeded in going downstairs... however by the time we got there, there was a major chaos.

The whole school was in panic and the only way of getting out was through the front gate which was of course, full of them. Me and Kaito tried to act brave and somehow managed to get through them by smashing their heads. '' As expected they seem to be zombies! So we should probably hit their heads!!'' exclaimed Kaito as we struggled to get out of what was now hell. I nodded whilst we continued to hit their heads. ''Aaaargh!'' I shouted as I smashed countless heads of my fellow classmates.

We took Kaito's bike and drived down to my father's workshop. We stumbled upon a herd of zombies, which we drove through quick enough to get to our set location. When we got there, we barricaded the door. There were zombies trying to knock down the door to my house. I searched for my dad throughout the closed garage, whilst Kaito searched upstairs.

Inside the garage I found pieces of glass broken, and a lot of blood. I gasped and tried to calm down. That's when I heard Kaito scream. I ran upstairs and saw a bloody Kaito and my father who was eating him. I screamed, which was a bad idea, this led to my father's attention which made him launch into me.

Luckily enough for me I managed to hit him with the batt. A second later, his head flew outside the window, completely killing that thing. I panted as I was about to cry, when I heard Kaito growl. He was standing up and was heading for me. I quickly stood up and ran to the garage door screaming. That's where I got out of the house and got into Kaito's bike and drove out of there.

I couldn't stop crying. '' Damn! Damn! Damn!! Why did this have to happen!!'' I yelled out loud. For the first time, I seemed to be alone and I knew something inside me changed that day.

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Zombies again
on September 02, 2013