Don't Let Me Go

Don't Let Me Go

[Klaus Mikaelson Love Story] Klaus never knew why this girl is so important to him. Despise the fact she's a Gilbert. He wanted to know why he was protective but everyone starting to tell how klaus really his. And about the supernatural things. Klaus devasted and heartbroken He needs to see her..

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Chapter One

Currently hid in the dark classroom in the middle of the night, setting up our first senior prank with Elena. Bonnie, Caroline, and Tyler. I pulled the string the back on the possible hundredth mousetrap and place it on the floor quickly before caroline shushing us signaling someone was coming. I quickly dunked under the desk to Elena we both shared a mischievous grin before turning our gaze  back to whoever was coming. I turned to see bonnie also hiding under a desk while Caroline and her boyfriend Tyler hid behind the T.V. All lights were off when the classroom door opened the light from the hallway lit just past the first row of desks in our English room. I squinted my eyes and let out a silent sigh of relief when it was just Matt, my fellow co-worker at the grill the guy who was the best friend you could ever asked for. I moved to step out of hiding. When matt accidentally stepped on one of the mouse trap, and sets them all off. He jumped back and yelled, in surprise. Quickly reaching over to the light switch  while everyone else come out of hiding,all glaring at Matt.

"Oh Come On! Seriously!? Do you know how long it took us to set this up"Caroline yelled, causing me to chuckle and pull myself off the ground and sit on the desk.

"Forgot about senior prank night  huh?"Tyler asked, smirking yet still slightly pissed our plan failed.
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