The dark

The dark

One day a girl named Ivy and her twin Olivia both go into the woods only to find a werewolf lurking her name was Maddy her mum evil does mum hypnotise Ivy and Olivia...

published on September 21, 201330 reads 17 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


One evening Ivy was going to the mall with Olivia but Sophia their friend had dared them to go into the woods for a whole two hours. They had to accept so they together walked into the woods. But when they was deep inside they heard a noise they saw a shadowy figure then slowly emerged a wolf blood. Maddy was her name she had told them Ivy was not scared because she was not different she was a vampire. Olivia was surprised but thought Maddy was rather friendly. But then Maddy's mum jumped out she had red eyes flaming and sharp teeth and claws she liked Ivy but despised Olivia.
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