Fiction and Nonfiction
Lost at sea (1)
Kiana was kidnapped at the age of 5 and was raised by her mother for 13 years while her father, the famous captain archer, had been looking for her. Only the daughter of the pirate captain knows the wellerman song.
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chiba Goes rowlf
Chiba goes to the Official Rowlf from the Official Muppet (THE PHOTO)
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Book of Dragons
Throughout the ages and across time and space this book has grown and changed with each new dragon that appeared. This book has every dragon species and what to know about them.
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the estella story
this is a story about estella havisham hellpark and her wife damien the female
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The hall of Anime
:D I'm just a girl who <3 ANIME TwT.Also Who don't like anime?Its chill if you don't!
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The Fathers Job
A short story i heard when i was littler?.. A father and his secretive job.
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Water's Edge (1)
this story is a Ben Drowned x Reader! Key: y/n=your name f/m=family member f/n=friend's name m/n=mom's name y/a=your age f/a=favorite animal
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Lore of the Astral Dragon
OH BOY theres a whole mess of why in my story of how we got here so heres some explaining. From the lore and cultures, to magic systems, to species in one document.
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jul backstory
this is just me describing all my relationships from grade 4-now because bleugh
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My Other Life (1)
The second part of "My Other Life" i hope you guys liked the first get ready.
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Arthur and Arthur, the Hetarthur Crossover
What will happen when snobbiash tea-sipping eyebrow grump meets average aardvark yellow fonded kid? The adventures of Arthur Reed and Arthur Kirkland, told by Arthur Kirkland and friends.
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This is initially a book where I disprove everything people want me to. Of course I'm going to start off with Feminism because it's stupid. Yay! I had no idea what category to choose for this XD
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Son of Man
By ME! My name is Katie and I wrote this just for you guys! Hope you enjoy!
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One Eye Castor
A CP OC that me and my friend made up. Hope you like it. A girl that doesn't fit in because of her gist in the dark arts.
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The 6 jokers cards and there meaning
The 6 jokers cards or the gods of the dark carnival or Shangri-La I'm here to tell you what they mean
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If you like one of these, tell me. There's a slight possibility I'll continue it. If you want to use one of these ask me and I will discuss details in PM.
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Calypso is a Greek Myth -- the daughter of Atlas, a Titan defeated in the war between Kronos and the gods. When he was defeated, Calypso was cursed to spend the rest of eternity on an island. Every once in a while, a hero will ...
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The Rose Trees
This is a variant of Snow White and Rose Red. It's for my english class but it's not done yet. If you could give me feedback that would be awesome because I'm still writing it.
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Wings Clipped
Young Lucifer is cursed with the gift of wings and fear. When he is captured, his life feels like like curse has captured him.
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love and loss
This is a poem I made with the spirit of hallow's eve. I hope you enjoy it. It really makes you think. :)
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