Arthur and Arthur, the Hetarthur Crossover

What will happen when snobbiash tea-sipping eyebrow grump meets average aardvark yellow fonded kid? The adventures of Arthur Reed and Arthur Kirkland, told by Arthur Kirkland and friends.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1(how creative)

Arthur Kirkland's POV

   How rude of that little animal girl to call my eyebrows caterpillars! Who is she to say that to a dignified country such as myself? Her brother, that Arthur kid, seems like he's an average kid. "Can we be friends?" He asked. I simply responded no. Why would I want to acquaint myself with him, a kid who looks like a nose-less bear?

   Then his mum came out. "I don't know who you are, but who are you?" What a silly question. "I'm Britain!" Then that Arthur kid asked me if I had an accent. I told him that he was the one with an accent. "What's an 'accent'? I just think he has a funny voice," shouted that little D.W girl. What kind of name even is D.W? The Arthur Reed kid in yellow turned to her. "D.W, an accent is how your voice sounds because of the country you're from. This guy has a British accent because he's from Britain. And to him, we're the ones with strange voices."

   D.W seemed unimpressed. "I wanna watch Mary Moo Cow!" Arthur's mum took D.W's hand. "D.W, why don't you go inside and go watch Mary Moo Cow? Arthur and I will be here right outside. Dad will be home soon from work." D.W said okay and went inside the house.

  The mum then turned to me. "Well, Mr Kirkland, what is your buisness here," she asked. I straightened my tie. "Mrs Reed, I am simply here because I am visiting America and Alfred, an acquaintance, told me that somewhere called Elwood City would be a good start to meet someone he thought I'd get along with. Ofcourse, Alfred's a bit if an idiot, so I'm not that sure this is the best place to be right now. He gave me your address," I explained.

The mum just looked at me puzzled. "Alfred?"
"Well, this is my show, and it's called Arthur. I think it's kinda neat to meet another person named Arthur. Don't you think?"
I looked at him with an unimpressed face. Then I realize...maybe he's right. Another Arthur? Maybe we somehow have similarities. Well, there is an another Arthur that I heard about from some think called Shrek that Alfred said to me once, but I was too busy reading a book to pay him any attention. But maybe this Arthur, Arthur Reed, isn't so bad. I'll have to find out... So I responded, "Hmm...Maybe you're....right."

Well, that's part one, based off the other story made by Chloe itsgonnabemay. Thank you for reading! Please go check out itsgonnabemay's part if the story.
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