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My Hetalia to Hetaustria Fandom Experience
This is a story about my experiences being in the Hetalia(now HETAUSTRIA) fandom. The stages of my Heta-ness and fangirl-ness and how I've viewed the characters individually over the time being a Hetalian and a Hetaustrian.
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Diary of an Awesome Kid
The adventurous Diary Of Me, Zhe Awesome Prussia that is Gilbert. The life of me and my family. That is, Radderic my brother, Germania my dad, and my mom that is Ludwig. Plus Hungry Elizabeta.
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Arthur and Arthur, the Hetarthur Crossover
What will happen when snobbiash tea-sipping eyebrow grump meets average aardvark yellow fonded kid? The adventures of Arthur Reed and Arthur Kirkland, told by Arthur Kirkland and friends.
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Zhe Awesome War- The German Side
The AWESOME war between The Office and Hetalia. Told by the Germans. Get ready for The Office-Hetalia War of 2018! Kesesese!
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The Life Of A Blob
From the LOZ, the green blobs. From a special blob, named Bob. How the Triforce heroes killed them. Just some drabble and shiz.
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