The Life Of A Blob

The Life Of A Blob

From the LOZ, the green blobs. From a special blob, named Bob. How the Triforce heroes killed them. Just some drabble and shiz.

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First and last chapter

Hello, my name is Bob. Not the builder. Bob the Blob. Well, Bob Bert Blob including my middle name. And a fack you including my middle finger. Blobs don't have fingers... Anyway, you know us as the enemy's in LOZ, right? Along with Moblins, those pigs with javelins and Dekus and whatnot. We don't have javelins like those McPiggers or can shoot nuts and hide like those Dekus. Some of us are electric though. But I'm not. As a little Blob life was difficult. Training to fight the Triforce Heroes and enduring those Moblins. Those elves with awesomely wicked hair just think they can waltz on in here and save Hytopia, killing many of us. I didn't want to fight them, but the witch ordered me and the rest of us to fight. If not, she'd turn us into scones. Actually...I think I should've just chose the scone path. Oh well. Now I have to fight those "heroes". But I don't actually fight. I just waddle around like any Blob would. We're easy targets. Unlike those Moblins or Dekus. We're defenseless. But you have to kill us if you want to go on to the next stage. Oh, look. There's a Triforce hero right now. It's the red one. Let me go say hi. "Oh, hello sir! I was wondering if yo-". "Sayonara little blob of a bitch!" SLASH! POOF!

             THE END. TRIFORCE!
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Beautiful :,>
Yes. Yes it was beautiful. Thank you.
30 days ago
on August 23