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Then the Winged Hussars Arrived-A Hetaustria story
This is a Hetaustria story filled with platinuk ness about a guy who is a winged hussar and is platinum and wants to be in Hetaustria. He will devote his life to be in the show, but are odds against him? A story about bands, fr...
1 read 1 reader 2 profile storyby Radrak_is_our_platinum_lord
Uh Huh Whip it up suck it down
A great story about life as what it means. Life is a good thing really.
11 reads 8 readers 1 by Radrak_is_our_platinum_lord
A tale of two Arthurs
What happens when book-loving antelope Arthur Reed who is fond of yellow, meets snobby Brit kid rude mean tea-sipping Arthur Kirkland? Will they get along? Especially when two new kids come to town who share the names of Arthur...
11 reads 3 readers 6 by Radrak_is_our_platinum_lord
The Point of no Return
[A rewrite of a story I made some time either in early 2018 or in 2017] To vaguely and briefly explain it, Jacob, Lune and I lead a normal life. But alas, all good things must come to an end. After the report of one of our sibl...
10 reads 8 readers 3 by mildly.annoyedpringle
School for the gifted few
This used some OC’s that I did not make they’re from @Cold.Colourful.Biscuits And @provoked.tater Enjoy!
57 reads 8 readers 9 profile storyby Fuck_yourself_with_a_cactus
Survivor #1 (1)
24 contestants, who will crown sole survivor? outwit, outlast, outplay. Also, this is not a copy of any other stories
53 reads 10 readers 15 by DarkSpite_Spark56
The challenge MGM #18
Time for MiniGame Madness. With 20 contestants battling for what's in the suit case. Who will win.
57 reads 10 readers 29 by King_of_Derps
Hetalia Middle School
There are always HIGH SCHOOL things for Hetalia. But, how about Middle School? This story is literally crack. Everything is random. Nothing makes sense. Someone please stop me from making anymore stories. Kms I want to die.
30 reads 11 readers 1 by Prussian_Mistake
Rolling Girl English lyrics by mE
Ok so i took a japanese song and i made english lyrics for it. it is a miku song made by wowaka. I hope u enjoy! <3
5 reads 5 readers 0 profile storyby The.Uncanny.Valley
Harry Potter Characters on Facebook
Just some random story I thought i'd post to hold everyone off for my 2nd Generation one.This has ALL generations.
382 reads 66 readers 19 by Moony