From Hetalia to Hetaustria (my version)

The.Ice.Is.Melting already made a story like this but this is my version.

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Well here it is

In November 2015, I was on YouTube and I found a video that was one of those Hetalia MMD things. I watched it and I had no clue what was going on. Little did I know this would lead me to almost 4 years of fandoms, war, and most importantly: Platinuk ness.
In January 2016, my cousin Sara made a qfeast account. I took over in August 2016. My first username was ChloeTheAnimeOtaku. I still cringe about it to this day. I heard more about Hetalia and decided to watch an episode. My was it bad. I spent my first years on Qfeast trying to avoid this show.
In September 2018, I got into the Office fandom. I was itsgonnabemay at this time.
In October 2018, The Awesome War broke out between me and Ice.Moon.Melting (she is now The.Ice.Is.Melting). The Office and Hetalia settles to a truce and we became friends.
In January 2019, I made pages for a bunch of the Hetalia characters. I misspelt Roderich’s name as Rodrick and the nicknames began. Radderic, Ridrock, Radrak, Ridic. We decided that Ridic is GOD and should be the main character, so we called the show Hetaustria, and that is how it stays.
The end.
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