Hetalia Middle School

Hetalia Middle School

There are always HIGH SCHOOL things for Hetalia. But, how about Middle School? This story is literally crack. Everything is random. Nothing makes sense. Someone please stop me from making anymore stories. Kms I want to die.

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Chapter 1.

First Day

I slowly made my way up to the building. It wasn't...as big as I thought it was going to be. All the pictures made it seem so huge. My squinted gaze averted from the school, to my brother. Southern Italy Romano. He just sneered as he adjusted his Italian flag book bag on his slim shoulder. The bag was filled with random things such as note books, binders, pencils that promised to go missing within a month of school, and other things. My bag was just as filled, it made my shoulder ache. "It looks nice." I said, trying to make the best of the middle school. Romano huffed. "It looks like shit." He said, I opened my eyes and widened them. "Roma! Cursing is bad!" I said as I looked at him, he just shrugged it off as he began to walk inside. I followed.
There were a lot of people there. A scary looking German who was yelling at two crazy looking albinos with a brown haired girl that were running around, a Chinese man who was secretly trying to eat, an American who was pulling McDonald bags after bags out of his book bag. It was chaos. I slightly moved closer to Roma as we walked into the office. I was too shy to look around, and let Roma talk to the assistant. He talked about how our Grandpa woke up late and caused us to be late. The assistant blinked a few times. "You aren't late. There is about a minute before the bell. You two are fine." She said as she smiled. Roma scoffed and looked at me. "Merda, I guess we didn't have to go in here." I almost told him not to curse again, but the assistant spoke.
"What nations are you two?" She asked, and looked down. I couldn't see what she was doing over the desk, but I assumed she was going through a list. "We're Italy." Roma spat as he crossed his arms, and glanced at me. I shrugged. We thought it was obvious with the accents and book bags. "Ah yes. Thank you, you can-" Now the assistant was cut off by a very loud bell. I made a squeal and held onto my brothers arm. He just wiggled and screamed at me to let go.
After I found my locker, and somehow remembered the combination, I pulled everything I needed out of my book bag, and placed it on the hook. It was easy concerning how it was on the bottom row. Once I got into my class, I sighed. Unfortunately , Roma didn't have the same first hour as me. I sat in a random seat, the last row and second to last seat to the left. and looked around. There were about twenty people in the room. I looked to the left and smiled as I leaned over and held out my hand. "Ciao~ I'm Northern Italy!" I sung to a black haired Japanese boy sitting next to me, he was sketching in a small book, and jumped when I spoke. "A-ah..." He looked at me with wide, chocolate brown eyes. I slightly waved my hand up and down. "Ve~?" I smiled, but he didn't take my hand. He just relaxed and slightly bowed as he spoke. "Ah...Konnichiwa...I am Japan, country from where the sun rises. Pleasure to meet you." He said as he slightly moved uncomfortably in his seat. I retracted my hand.
"Ve~ Japan then it's nice to meet you! Do you like pasta? I brought a lot of pasta because I didn't know if I'd get hungry throughout they day." I almost went on talking, but a girl with long brown hair screamed. "Who said Hungary?! Someone call me?" She shouted as she looked around, the pink flower in her hair not falling out as she rapidly looked around. I guess it's a clip. I looked back at Japan and smiled. "Why did you sit all the way back here? It's a nice view out the window but it would be annoying with the sunlight beaming in your eyes after a while." I said, Japan looked over at me and slightly blushed. "Well...most famous anime characters sit in a seat like this." He said, obviously embarrassed as he went back to drawing.
"What are you drawing?" I asked as I leaned over the desk once more, he slightly moved away from me and cleared his throat. "Anime." He said as he slightly glanced at me. "Ve~ Can I see? I wanna see!" I hummed as I leaned back in my seat, realizing that he likes his personal space. "W-well...it's not finished." He said as he closed the small sketch book and handed it to me. I smiled as I gently took it and looked through it, talking as I did so. "You talk weird you know? You pronounce your L's as R's it's funny." I said as I looked thought the drawings. They were very nice looking, he obviously had a very interesting talent.
Well he is the personification of Japan, Japan created anime didn't he? I think so. "You draw really nice I wish I could draw anime I can paint scenery and things like that not very well but still I'm getting better." I said in once breath, and looked at Japan when I finished looking through the sketch book. He was staring at me with wide eyes that then slightly relaxed after some time. "Well..Italy-san..I hope you one day are able to also draw anime." Japan said as he held his hand out, I grinned as I handed back the black book. I looked around the room, taking in everyone that was there. A British boy with temporary tattoos on his arms was yelling at an American who was eating a McDonald's burger.
Once class started, I felt my stomach slightly grumble. A soft sound escaped my lips as I slowly reached in my bag. I saw Japan look at me out of the corner of my eye. "Italy-san what are you doing?' He whispered, I felt around in the bag, feeling nothing but papers, and plastic. Until my fingers finally brushed against a warm plastic, unlike the other colder ones which were nothing but stupid binders. I slowly pulled it out of my bag and placed it on my desk. Japan raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. I reached back into my bag and pulled out a fork. I silently opened the red lid off of the container and started eating. Japan squinted his eyes as his upper lip slightly went up. His eyebrows knitted together.
"Did you want some? I said I liked pasta and I brought some did you want some pasta? It's really good I promise." I said as I held out the container. "Excuse me, Mr...Japan and Italy. Is there something you would like to share with the class?" The teacher asked, tapping her foot on the ground. I jumped and started shaking. "Did I get in trouble? I don't want to be in trouble I don't wanna get kicked out of school because I was eating pasta!" My frantic voice shouted, then it changed to a cheerful voice. "Ve~ Is that it? Do you want pasta? I have plenty if you want some." I said holding up the container.
The class was silent, before bursting out laughing. I felt my cheeks slightly burn from blushing. The teacher sighed as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Put...the pasta away. It's not lunch time yet." She said as she looked at me. "Ah...scusa." I said as I took one last bite, causing another uproar from the class. I slightly giggled as I close the lid and licked the fork clean before putting the food away. "Dude's got pasta out why can't I have my McDonald's?!" The American shouted, he reeked of Ax body spray. He was half way across the room and I could still smell him. It made my nose wrinkle. "No, no no no. No food in the classroom!" The teacher shouted quite loudly, which made me jump and start to shake.
After the hour was over, which was mainly the teacher, Mrs. Koles, going over the many rules and her yelling at a British boy and the American to stop arguing. I skipped to my next class, but due to my eyes being squinted shut, I ran into someone. "Ah! Scusa scusa scusa! Please don't be mad I was just going to my next class and I didn't want to run into anyone but all the sudden I run into you and I didn't want to but I did!" I cried as I clapped my hands together, interlocking my fingers and shaking my head wildly. "Ah...I..guess it's fine." A thick German accent replied back, I looked up at him and shuttered. He looked so scary.
"Ve~ I'm Italy it's nice to meet you I'm guessing you're Germany, are you Germany you look like it." I rambled, he raised an eyebrow as his eye slightly twitched. "I am." He finally said after I stopped talking. A giggle escaped my lips when I looked up at his hair. "Why do you slick your hair back it looks like you put a lot of gel in it were you trying to style it but didn't have the time?" I once again rambled. Germany sighed as he looked behind me. "Listen..Italy? I have to get to class." He said as he walked past me, I turned around, placing my books and binders in one arm as I wildly waved the other. "Nice to meet you Germany!" I shouted as I turned around again and began to skip to my next class.
"Aiyaa! It's so cu~te!" A Chinese man shouted as he ran up to the teachers desk, and picked up the small panda plushy. I tilted my head. How does he have sleeves that long and grab things? I couldn't even see his hands. Her hands? "Are you a boy or girl?" I asked quite loudly to him, my curiosity would be the end of me. He jumped and looked at me, his eyes narrowed as he pouted. "I'm not a girl!" He shouted as he stomped on the ground and glowered. Did I make him mad? I didn't want to make him mad I just wanted to know. "I'm sorry!" I cried as I felt my body start shaking once more in fear that he'd try to hit me. He huffed as he turned his attention back to the panda, cooing over it once more.
The next couple of classes were nothing but agony. Rules, rules and more rules. Why is this school so uptight? I questioned as I walked into the cafeteria. I cringed as I looked around. The tables obviously weren't clean from the last hour. Neither was the floors. I inched my way up to an empty table that looked the most clean and sat down at the end of it. Even the seats were uncomfortable. A sigh escaped my lips as I brought out my pasta container. The loud talking and laughing everywhere was deafening. I reopened the container once more, and slumped my shoulders. "It's cold." I said softly as I poked at the now cold pasta noodles. "U-um..would you mind...if I-" A voice cut itself off, I looked up and smiled widely. It was Japan. "Oh of course ve~" I cheerfully said, he quickly sat down, his head hung down as if in shame.
"How was your other classes are they good or do you not like them?" I went on talking as I placed a forkful of the pasta in my mouth, no longer caring that it was cold. He sat next to me, that means he's my friend! "My classes are fine, thank you." He said as he reached into his Japanese flagged book bag and pulled out a metal container. He clicked it open and I watched with amazement that steam came out of it. "How did you do that was it magic? How do you keep it warm for so long I was trying to eat this before it got cold but it is too late and now it's cold but you didn't touch yours and it looks hot!" I shouted as Japan broke apart a pair of chopsticks. "It is made of a special metal, that's why." He said softly, I grinned and looked up. "Ah! Germany!" I extended the A and N in his name as I stood up and waved my pail hand frantically.
The blond German looked over and sighed as he slowly made his way over to us. "Germany! Ve, I'm glad you came over I have pasta do you want some pasta it's cold though so it's not as good as when it's hot but it's still very nice!" Germany slightly glanced at Japan, who slightly looked back. "Do..you really talk this much all the time?" Germany asked, I looked at him, I felt my curl bounce in the process. "Huh? Yeah! I guess I do." I said awkwardly. Was I annoying them? I hope I'm not annoying them, I really like them so far. They seem like good people to trust and rely on. We ate in silence, I ate pasta, Japan ate his strange noodles, and Germany had a sausage? I'm not sure, I wasn't paying attention.
I sat in the back seat of my Grandpa's car. "So-" He yawned, slightly covering is mouth. "How was your first day?" He asked in a tired voice, I guess he was taking a nap before we got out of class. "It was shit." Roma said as he huffed and crossed his arms. I jumped as Grandpa turned around and looked at him. Roma jolted and slightly started shaking. "I-I mean it was crap. I said crap.." Roma muttered as he looked away from Grandpa's icy glare. He turned back around and started the car. "No cursing until I say." He said as he started to drive off. The silence that followed was killing me. I hated the silence.
"Can I curse now?" Roma asked ten minutes later, breaking the silence, which made Grandpa Rome laugh very hard. It practically shook the car! I giggled with him and glanced at Roma, he was slightly smiling. The silence was over, and Grandpa turned on the radio, and began to loudly sing to the terrible songs. "Grandpa you're terrible at singing! You're making me deaf!" Romano said as he covered his ears, which only made Grandpa laugh once more.
Today wasn't so bad.
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