Jeff x me smutty stuffz

TW: contains minor blood This is a storry about all teh smutti tings Jeffie did to meh lat nite. If ur under teh age of 11 then dont read this uwu. Very explisit adult contentt 18+ sexxy stuffz.

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Chiptitti one

I wuz just titty sitting on my pillow bed eating peachez. Teh juice on my mout frum the cum peech was dripping off my lips.
Then i heard Jeff crawl towards me with his cute smexi bloody hands and legs.

He kissd my necc and i moan loud. "Ohhh Jeffie..."
My face was like so so red like i wuz blushing so so red and dark like sumone put blood on my cheeks.
But then Jeff slid down my skirt and actully put blood on my asscheeks, slapping meh so hard hnggh.

Jeff laffed and put blood on my puss by slapping it like so hard. "Oh wow Peaches I didn't know you had your period alredy..." *smirk*

I blushed so much agem like my face was so so red and i bit my peachy lipps. Jeff laugfed again and slalpped meh puss again but this tyme wit his tongue mm his long tong. He put his tung on my thong and devowered it whole.

"Mmm Peeches you slutty girrl." Tehn he pulld down his pants and his pp poped out neerly hitting and titting myh face.

I bluhses so much that i look lyke tomato. "Oh JEFFIE ur pp is so cute and handsum! It mayks me wanna cum in meh thong like teh slut I am!" I slappled meh own ass tat wuz still cuvered in blood. Thn i shuv fingr up mwh ass.

JEFF grabbd mwh hand amd took my fingers out meh ass, but thun shuved like 69 nails up meh ass. "OMG JEFF! J-JEFF!!! MMM SHUV UR NAILS UP MEH ASS MMH HNGHHH JEFFIE!! JWFIIE!"

Then he made meh swallow peaches lyke a whore and rubbd his pp against meh puss that wuz cuvered in peach juuice mm.
"Peaches ur so HOT MNGHH"

He fynally shuved his pp up my puss and pimped it in nd outt so s fast lyke Sanic wuold be jealouss. Meh tung hung out mwh mouth. "OH FUCC MEH JEFFIE FUCC MWH JARDER N SJUV MORE NAILS UP MWH ASS PLEESE DADY SENPAI BE MY HUSBAND!!!"

I cumm in mwh thong likw Jegf rippd thru mwh thong to penetrayt mwh puss. "THATS RITE PEACHES IMMA CUM INSID YOU LIKE THE HORE JU ARE BEBBY MMM UR SO TITE JUST LIK A PEACHH MMM HNGHH!!"

Then he cum inside meh as he tuch meh tittyy boobes.
LOL im pregnint now.

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i love it
on August 08