the estella story

the estella story

this is a story about estella havisham hellpark and her wife damien the female

published on January 22, 20216 reads 4 readers 2 completed

the atody

so basically one day estella and damier wrte haveing a 6 hour sex session when all of a sudden ugly nasty rancid smelly disgusting putrid horrifying awful noxious vile vulgar hideous grody abominable creepy distasteful gruesome horrific  horrid icky monstorous foul gross nauseating appaling repungent ugly sickening sinful grotesque unsightly unseemly aftons came. then estella used her hypnoses powers but it didnt work cause theyre all gay asf so damier grabbed a baseball bat and beat them to death
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Comments (2)

thank You you are invited to the next sex seshin <3
on January 22, 2021
on January 22, 2021