Book of Dragons

Throughout the ages and across time and space this book has grown and changed with each new dragon that appeared. This book has every dragon species and what to know about them.

published on March 30, 20213 reads 3 readers 0 not completed

The Black Dragon of Oblivion

With breathe of death and claws of doom this dragon brings oblivion wherever it goes. With scales of deepest black and a roar that shakes the Earth this dragon is said to destroy the world when in battle with the red dragon of chaos.

This dragon has scales of deepest black, jaws that can crush boulders, teeth sharper than blades, and a breathe that destroys all in its path.
This dragon kills and destroys for fun and enjoys it.
They live for 200 years before laying a single egg cause there can only be one around at a time.
The treasure they collect are black gems and jewels.
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