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Chapter 1.

Prompt 1

The radiation was spreading. Growing. Filling the air with toxic fumes. A few more seconds and all life would escape. All life except me. On a lonely Earth with only myself as an inhabitant. The days when grotesque,scaly monsters didn’t rule the Earth seemed like a passing dream. I wondered, why couldn’t I have died. Why must I be the one who walks alone on an endless path of destruction and death. Always looking, searching, hoping for someone else to survive.

The monsters where everywhere. Sometimes coming out of the ground. Sometimes swooping down on their leathery, muskish wings. They came and they conquered. The very few who did survive were faded. Almost dead but still willing to cling onto that last hope of life. They died of course. Just like everyone else. If they radiation didn’t get them, the monsters would. It’s amazing I made it this far without being devoured and dismembered by one of those haunting beasts.
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