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Rants (2)
So, I've noticed that certain qfeasters make these "rants" and they become successful. Since the majority of these rant books are rather soft and pander quite nicely to their demographic, I will state MY opinions, I do not care...
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Trendiest Qfeast Posts EVER
TRENDIES QFEAST P O S T S E V E R. NOTE: This is satire, please do not be offended. I've been posting these on my walls and you can reblog them if you want. :P
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Livin' Dat Expat Lyfe
Basically me talking about moving and a few rants, I doubt many people here will sympathise as this is a very major first world problem
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If you like one of these, tell me. There's a slight possibility I'll continue it. If you want to use one of these ask me and I will discuss details in PM.
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The Rose Trees
This is a variant of Snow White and Rose Red. It's for my english class but it's not done yet. If you could give me feedback that would be awesome because I'm still writing it.
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The Book of Jokes and Riddles
Basically jokes and riddles I found on the internet. I'm guessing most of these are lame but meh.
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The Book of Lyrics
Basically, posting a bunch of lyrics. Mostly popular songs, some PMJ. Mkay, read it if ya want.
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This was for a project and at the end there is a surprise. This is super boring most likely, and Mao was a horrible-ish man
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Fae Diary
Ignore this, it's just for me and my friend to document her sightings.
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My Final Exhibition Mock Trial
So, I wanted to post this and if I'm any good I'll make more. Don't be too harsh, I made this in grade 5.
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The Body in the closet
This was my old attempt at making a scary story using vocabulary. Sorry if it isn't good but ehh.
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It's set in the ice age towards the end and it's about a little girl...
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It's a fantasy story and the title means to :Have an appearance that is dreamlike or fantastical, like something out of a dream or hallucination.
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The Tiger Tribe
Just read the title, let me know if it's any good I'll continue it. It's about a guy and a girl, with a little romance! You have been warned!
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The Origin of Music
This isn't very good but its okay. The title says what its about, its weird.
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