The Origin of Music

The Origin of Music

This isn't very good but its okay. The title says what its about, its weird.

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The Entire Story

The Entire Story

The Origin of Music
As Creatrix walked down the marble stairs, she fumed at the thought of Stellio. The Partum Crystallum was the one thing that mattered to her. Stellio knew she would find out about her missing ornament. Forcing him to give it back, would cause disputes between their countries would arise though. Creatrix sighed and looked down to Terra. She saw two mortals arguing. Their lives must be simple, she mused.
“Well, hello there!” Iro exclaimed. She had spotted the boy who had bumped into her.
“A pleasure.” Tom muttered. The girl who had bumped into him was in front of him. They were putting their offerings in the temple of Creatrix.
”You still haven’t apologized to me.”Iro claimed.
"You squashed me. I deserve an apology.” Tom exclaimed.
Their conversation became heated.Thunder got them to stop talking. Creatrix looked around. She had heard mortals arguing in her temple! “Who dares dispute in my temple?” she bellowed. She looked down and saw two mortals from the day before. They both looked nervous.”You must receive punishment for your offense.” Creatrix declared. Then, like lightning she had an idea.”I will decide your punishment tomorrow.” Creatrix proclaimed. A plan started formed in her head, she would make them get the crystal.
“This is your fault. If you apologised to me we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Iro whined.
”More like the other way round.”Tom groaned.
“We need to find some way to repay Creatrix.” Iro said thoughtfully, lowering her tone.
”Yes, but how?” Tom wondered.
Tom was sitting against a tree and Iro was pacing. Both of them had heard of people dishonouring immortals, never to be seen again. Abruptly there was the sound of footsteps.
”I think I may be able to solve you problems.” croaked an ancient voice.”Something was stolen from the deity.” the voice uttered louder. Tom turned around and saw the face of an old lady who looked wise and kind with mystery.”The villainous god Stellio has taken the Partum Crystallum and Creatrix wants it.” the lady proclaimed.
“We must get it back.” Tom exclaimed. He had stood up and was ready to leave.
“We shall leave immediately!” hollered Iro. She was ready to go.The next day they set off on foot to the underworld.
” We’ll use that veil the dame gave us.” proposed Tom.
However the Veil of Persona hid them.As they rounded a corner, they shielded their faces from the heat that was coming from a big pit. There was a large mountain in the middle, the mountain was surrounded by purple lava. On top of the mountain was a terrifying castle. Clearly Stellio lived there. As they crept into the gloom, they heard a sound which made them drop the veil. He started swiping and punching. He tried to smash them but missed. His fist went through the door and they escaped into the next room. This room was full of holes filled with tar. Iro suddenly had a terrific idea! She leaped over a tar pool and screamed, drawing as much attention to herself as she could. Terastor looked over at her and ran. She leaped over him at the crucial moment and he stopped. He tried punching the tar but nothing happened. Terastor hit the reflection of himself and started sinking! “ We need to get it the crystal before Stellio arrives.” Tom yelled to Iro.
“I got it!” Iro replied while running to the exit with the crystal in her hand.They bolted out the door and ran away holding the veil.
Creatrix sighed. What was taking them so long? Promptly she looked down and saw her two heroes who were captured by Stellio. They were tied up halfway to the village and Stellio was there looking annoyed. Creatrix summoned her two spirits Animus and Anima to free them. As they ran the wind blew over the crystal creating sounds. Finally a song was created as they entered the temple. Creatrix came down and took the crystal still making songs. All was well in the end.
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Comments (2)

I made it up. It was supposed to be a myth.
on October 24, 2014
Is this based off something or did you make it up?
on October 20, 2014