One Eye Castor

A CP OC that me and my friend made up. Hope you like it. A girl that doesn't fit in because of her gist in the dark arts.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

'One Eye Caster'

  Lucy was never one to listen. With pitch black hair and steel grey eyes, her will was iron. This didn't sit to well with her father, though.
  He wasn't an honorable man by any standards. His most important aspect in life was showing everyone who was in charge. Lucy took after him in that regards at least. The one thing he detested more than his wife's death in child birth was Lucy's use of magic. He called it her 'dark arts.'
  She was gifted in water and and earth elements. These were opposites to one another in today's standards, they sit next to each other in the Wiccan compass points west and north . To represent her skill set. Lucy often wore a long-sleeved, blue shirt that hung low on her shoulders and revealed a little cleavage, a brown pair of pants and a blue choker that matched her shirt with a small, gold circle at its center. Her hair usually hung in jagged ends over one shoulder with bangs to either side of her face, leaving an open, upside down 'v'.
  Lucy once managed to summon a familiar. It was a dragon - about as long as her body- with black scales and downy blue tipped tail- also fluff, four blue feet, tiny blue ears, blue eyes, and four blue spikes on its head, surrounded by a lime-green aura.
  For weeks she tried to make more at a time. She was able to succeed in this, but they were the same, connected to their masters soul. They knew what she wanted as soon as she wished it, to make them appear, a symbol burned in the air. She found she had to carve it in the inside if her arm to control all of her familiars.
"Magic is without sacrifice." She would say to herself.
  It was her mistake that triggered the dominos to fall.
April 8th:
  Lucy wore her favorite outfit. It was a little after dark, she stood in front if the sink, sleeves rolled up, doing the dishes, soapy water dripped off her arms as she placed another dish into the drying rack. She picked up tongs the had been used to flip pork chops before dinner. All the while, her dad ate his last few bites of food.
  Placing his dirty plate and silverware in the other side of the sink, his eyes glanced, by chance, at the in her right arm, stopping everything, her dad stood stock-still for a moment, but only a moment. He dipped his hands into the lukewarm water and grabbed a steak knife. Lucy didn't bother asking what he was doing.
  Her mistake.........
  Next, he shut off the faucets, now she was hesitating. Slowly she picked up the half-soaked wash rag and dried her hands. She turned, eyes seeking his face to decipher his expression. He simply smiled back.
  " Lucy," he began.
  Faster than she could react, he took a handful of her hair and slashed his blade across her right eye. She let loose a blood curdling cry, pressing her palms against to the oozing wound.
  "What the hell is this on your arm? More witchcraft, I assume. Shhh..... Don't worry. Daddy's gonna carve the evil out of you."
  Lucy thrashed against his grip, but couldn't break free. She desperately needed to summon Svannah, her dragon familiar, but wasn't able to focus on channeling her magic. Panic replaced her training, and pain sizzled like fireworks. She kicked her legs wildly, holding his arms, but she couldn't stop him in the slightest. She was weak already from blood loss.
  Using the bloody knife like a surgical tool, her dad scraped out her mangled eye from her socket, humming 'hush little baby'. The silver orb splattered to the floor, blood splattering around it. Crimson poured out of Lucy ounce by ounce. Her head spun and nausea unsettled her stomach.
  "I-It hurts!"
  Her voice was rough and choked. A sudden sharpness cleared her thoughts. In this limited time, Lucy managed to zero in on a picture of Svannah. Her core magic was released in a wave. Dropped to the floor like her eye, she hit her head against solid square tiles. Buzzing filled her ears and she blacked out.

  Lucy awoke with a splitting migraine. Placing a tentative hand to her temple, she pushed herself up in a half -sitting-half-laying position. Blinking, she gazed around at the kitchen. Svannah crouched beside her master, tilting her scaly head as if asking her is she was alright. The lights were out. She could only see because her dragon emitted a glowing green aura.
  "Y-Yes.....I think...."
  She brought up her fingers to brush over her right eye. Her hand came away, sticky and warm, but she felt no pain. In the dim lighting, she made out dark red liquid staining her fingertips.
  Sensing distress, Svannah nuzzled her side. Rising unsteadily to her feet, Lucy took a step forward and glass crunched under her boot. She made her way carefully to the window. Once she got there, she yanked open the curtains, letting in the moonlight. The sight before her was gruesome.
  Her dad lay on his stomach, or at least, what was left of him. The knife he had used stuck out of the back of his skull, imbedded deep into the bone. Every bone in his right hand was broken-shattered-. His back had been torn to shreds, organs and intestines partially eaten and strewn all over the counters, table and the floor, some sitting in the sink. Cabinets had been splintered, as if punched or slammed against repeatedly, stained or still seeping with red rubbles, his neck had been bitten by a strong animal. The lightbulb had been broken, the glass scattered and bloodied. Scorched marks blackened the circling around where it used to hang. Chairs had been knocked around, a few in pieces.
  Lucy closed her eye, fighting back her vomit. As she struggled to open the window, she saw her reflection. Her hair was matted by blood and sweat, her left eye was its usual steely silver, but her right eye was as blue as Svannahs feathers. Rusty stains rubbed off onto her sleeve as she as she cleaned her cheek.
  Svannah floated beside her, a claw resting on her head gently, caressingly. The witch-girl stroked the familiars throat tenderly as she put the puzzle together. Her dragon had been summoned to protect Lucy, saw her injured, and revenged her father to keep him from harming her further. It was her job, her reasoning that saved Lucy from worse punishment. Rational. RIGHT!
  "Dismissed," she informed Svannah, who promptly disappeared in a cloud of green smoke.
  "You tried to get rid of evil, dad, but I will cleanse everyone like you. No more idiots, drunkards, abusers and such. They will be the ones carved out of existence. And, what the hell? Why not everyone?
  She let out a round of psychotic laughter.
  "Let them all enjoy penance or the witch trials! Now, we'll have the Mundane Murders!"

  Putting a baby blue eyepatch over her discarded eye, she spray painted
'One Eye Lucy Waz Here'
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