Wings Clipped

Wings Clipped

Young Lucifer is cursed with the gift of wings and fear. When he is captured, his life feels like like curse has captured him.

published on May 05, 201521 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

The curse of a father/ Intro

Some of you may be saying, "What kind of name is Lucifer Williams, and why is he any more important than you or me?"
Yeah, I know it's an odd name, but I am truly different.
First of all, I was born with two wings that look like Angel wings. You may think that it's awesome that I can fly around, or I can't get out of weird places just by flying-- It's actually a curse. I mean, you can just fly around town with huge black wings twice as long as you're tall.
Also, I was given the power of fear. When I snap my fingers near someone, their worst fear flashes before their eyes.
Yeah, I'll admit I've used it for evil before.
        I blame my father, the god Morpheus, for this. It's truly not every day you meet a demi-god.
Honestly, I'm not proud of that title, and would like to get rid of it all.
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This is good! Write more :)
on April 02, 2016