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What episode of dragon ball do I NEED to see
I started to watch the first dragon series and on episode 10 right now. I want to get though it a lot faster so what episodes do I need see to get every or important to the series
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What's your favorite opening for an anime?
What's your favorite opening for an anime. Mine would be Tokyo Ghoul or Attack on Titan
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Are there ways to help with anxiety
i have anxiety and i don't know how to deal with it. i always feel like i'm the bame for every fight or argument, even if i hadn't done it. is there a way to stop it.
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are gender roles bad?
do you think it's bad for girl to be told to like princesses, pink, and makeup, and boys to like dinosaurs, blue, and anything action. i think it's wrong and hate to do this, and i think it could change a kids life.
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DIY ideas and help
i Love diy projects, really things to do with anime and clothes. I would love it if you guys gave me ideas\diy tutorials First tell me what the project is and how to do it or post a video of it Please don't put anything that i...
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help me with a q and a
i want to do a Q&A youtube video so ask me any question so i can make. When i make the video i will post it for you guys
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am i transgender
i am a girl but i always shop in the boys isle for pants and t shirts and fit in with boys better then girls. I have a lot of guyfriends and am thinking of making my current boyfriend into just a guyfriend( by the way it was hi...
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how do you keep calm
i have a problem getting mad at techology and one kid in my class. do have a way to deal with these things or anything else get you mad you can deal with.
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Who is your OTP
If you don't know what that is your one true pairing. Mine is Christa X Ymir . what is yours :3
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Have you seen the devil is a part timer
the show is set in morden day, it happens after the devil, or his human name Sadao Maou, lost his powers and now lives as a part time fast food worker. He lives with his servent in an apartment, with his enemy, Emilia the hero,...
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what do you think americans think about germans
you may know i'm german but what do americans and other types of people think what german think about you guys. Tell me what you think what germans think about americans or others because i want know. like stereotypes or other ...
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do you have any questions for germans
i'm german so what do you want to ask me about germany or what i do daily here.
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do you speak german
Ich spreche Deutsch, machst du. Wenn ja, etwas sagen zu mir. Wie, wie viel Sie wissen. Ich spreche es fast die ganze Zeit, aber ich spreche auch Englisch. Wenn Sie nicht verstehen,frag mich einfach. Ich lerne Koreanisch,aber ic...
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what country would you live in
if i could choose i would live in Lithuania,Denmark, or Romania but where would you live
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