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Wrong answer
(CREEPYPASTA, original creepypasta) After being bullied for all her life, Halla takes revenge on the girl who bullied her for once and for all
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Top kids films, that kids shouldn't watch
so many films that lot to be made for kids are to scary for kids. Here are a few that you should never show to a young kid unless you want to scary them for life
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Wings Clipped
Young Lucifer is cursed with the gift of wings and fear. When he is captured, his life feels like like curse has captured him.
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Things you may not know
things that you may not know about... the title basely says it all :) <3
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Fighting home
(third book in my series) Brooke keeps seeing a boy in dreams and needs to find him. But her own world keeps seeing her
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The Fifth Night
6 kids visit Freddy Fazbear's at night time but only one will come out alive
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The break of an icy heart
when young denisa gets a job as a maid she learns her masters son is a little different
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The run of the baltic
i wrote this somewhere else but i put it on here. When latvia's sister comes for a visit she learns why he's been gone
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One more fight for him
when Brooke and her friend are teleported to her favorite anime, attack on titan things will change
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