Wrong answer

Wrong answer

(CREEPYPASTA, original creepypasta) After being bullied for all her life, Halla takes revenge on the girl who bullied her for once and for all

published on November 17, 201536 reads 16 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

As a black van pulled up to the car to the front of the school, a thirteen year old girl got out of the car. She had all black hair, purple colored eyes, and wore all black. Her skin was really pale, like she had never been outside or in the sun. Her face was neutral expression as well. Her father also came out; he had dark brown hair and grey eyes, and didn't look much like her in comparison. As they walked into the school, the girl held her head down, staring at the ground. One of the ladies working at the desk gave her a schedule and showed her to her homeroom class. "Alright students, we have a new classmate, her name is Halla Jones," the teacher said to the class. Halla waved her hand as to say hello, with no reply. For the whole day, everyone stayed away from her as if she had a disease. At lunch, she sat alone but she liked being alone sometimes, she could eat in peace. "So this is the new kid they were talking about," she heard behind her, "What are you some of emo girl," a blond girl said. Halla hunched over as if she was hiding in a shell. "What's wrong you scared," the girl stopped talking to see a spider crawling on the lunch table. Halla held out her hand and let the spider crawl on her arm. "Ew you freak," the girl then ran back to her table. Halla always liked spiders; they always seemed to be there. No matter how sad she got, they were there like they were her best friends.

After three months, Halla keep getting bullied and name called by Julie, a.k.a. the girl who controlled everyone in school with just threats. Usually they moved when things got this bad, but Mr. Jones was tried of moving. She was stuck in this endless circle of bullies and mental abuse.
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Umm....I like it.....
on June 24, 2016