My Other Life (1)

My Other Life (1)

The second part of "My Other Life" i hope you guys liked the first get ready.

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Part 2

        .....The smell...... its......... N I C E..... it went black for a second then i hear the tall man and sally yelling my name but then all i could hear was the loud whispering of the forest it was lovley i was runing on my hand and feet i felt like my body was melting it hurt but i couldnt stop....... i hid behind a tree and then walked out the othe side right behind the group of people. a low grumble and growl came from me, the group turned around and flashed the light where i was...... when they did i appeared on the other side of the group. i backed uot again the next thing i knew there was the red stuff that was coming out of the littles girls eyes...... it was all over the ground and on me i was confused i lost my hoodie........... i tried to wipe it off my face some of it got in my mouth... it tasted like a penny......... it tasted good. Then i heard the tall man yell for me over and over his voice was fading in i could hear him "WHERE ARE Y...!!" i turned around....... i was confused...... what happened? when i looked at his face i knew..... he was just as confused as me "Come on lets get you washed....." so i walked back with him.

        We walked in and then "WOA, look at her" it was the smiley guy i got mad he keeped on laughing till i walked up behind him *SMACK* "Shut up" he says "WTF!!" then i sayed "i dont think i smaked him hard enough..." i walked back to the tall man and he showed me where i could wash myself off.......i didnt really k now how but i tried the a voice says " Take your cloths off before getting into the shower" so i did and took a shower. After i was done i was walking around with a large towel covering myself up trying to find cloths so i go into a room...... its a little dark but i can see... i see a hoodie..... some sweat pants..... then there was this wierd thing i picked it up and walked out with it "whats th...this" the guy with the mask looks at me "OHHhhh" he gets up and stands infront of me "Thats a Kidney..... you want to try it??" i look at it then i say "It smells like the red stuff in the woods...." he looks at me puzzeld "......" i take a bite..... i .... taste.... g o o d "It tastes like the red stuff in the woods" he looks at me "You mean blood" the smiley guy said i say " blood is black...... isnt it" I look at them puzzeled. Then the tall man walks up to me with fresh cloths "I couldnt get the blood out of your other cloths, sor..!" he sees that i have a kidney "JACK!! Why did you give them a kidney??" the masked guy says "I didnt she went into my room." while they were fighting the smile guy walked up to me and asked "When did you get dog ears?" i look puzzeld " I dont know what..... y..yuo are talking about" he put his hand up and touches one of the ears "See...." i jump back blushing " Wth".....

        I get dressed and while i was i found out i had ears and a tail! i walk out and sit on the couch............

                                                                                                       Until the next Chapter
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