jul backstory

jul backstory

this is just me describing all my relationships from grade 4-now because bleugh

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Chapter 1.
bring it around now

bring it around now

ey, my names jul and today we are going to describe some relationships from britt to tyler

fourth grade.
it was my birthday when my craze to be loved started. i had lost my favorite stuffed animal on the bus, and i was crying hysterically. britt asked me to date him, and i said only for a month or so. turns out we actually dated for about 2 1/2 months so... yeah. tyler cheered us on tho. it was fun while it lasted and then my dumb brain was like “is lesbian??” so i ditched britt (rip) and went with &!$@. im masking her real name because i hate thinking about it. sorry ?. anyways, we were dating for like 6 1/2 months and in there i dated heather for like 3 days. and then &!$@ left me for heather and she had the dumbest reASON IM STILL SLIGHTLY UPSET. after that her and heather didnt even work out so it was a waste of my time. then i went to flocking to random animator girls cuz i was desperate.

fifth grade
the first was anykatty, or any (ayy-knee). she thought i was a boy and liked inflation, not much to say about that.  then there was dolly. dolly was actually really sweet to me but she was in love with her friend so.. bostyn hated her anyways lol. me and heather dated a little again in november but that lasted like 3 weeks :-)
noa noa noa noa. my biggest regret. i thought he was a sweetheart but he really just made me an awful person. im so glad we were separated. im surprised it took 3 months for it to happen. we got back together for a few weeks, but then he was replaced by joey. joey and i only lasted for a month. it couldve lasted longer, but it was a mixture of me being unhappy and someone new.

sixth grade.
i found the person who totally took me away. the second i talked to him, the world around me turned to space. it was amazing. of course, im talking about caleb. caleb was absolutely amazing for those 10 1/2 months. he genuinely made me happy. i loved him, he loved me. i know he never stopped loving me. i see him staring at my visible love in his eyes. it was magical then, and its magical now, even if he acts like he hates me. sometimes i wish i could go back with him. but for now, we need to stay apart. a break, you could call it. at least i got tyler out of it.

we have to backtrack for tyler. i met him in the fourth, and everyone knew i had a majorrr crush on him. he was “soulless” though, so nothing ever came out of it. in may, we got back in contact. he was apparently in love with me, so he tried to bike 24 miles to my house. we just got separated again.
the day after caleb broke up with me, tyler came back. he acted sweet towards me. he lent himself to me. we started dating soon after.

that was my story.
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