Lore of the Astral Dragon

OH BOY theres a whole mess of why in my story of how we got here so heres some explaining. From the lore and cultures, to magic systems, to species in one document.

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Chapter 1.

Magic systems- basic

Energy comes from the blood of user or others
Strengths: VERY strong, can adapt/imitate other magic systems, can hide easily
Weaknesses: there's no doubt it'll make you insane, loose control of your body, demons go “its free real estate”

Energy comes from stars & moon
Strengths: Able to sense good/ bad things, more defensive than offensive, morally good usually
Weaknesses: Weak in day, sometimes makes users paranoid, hard to use

Dream/Soul magic
Energy comes from other's subconscious mind and their own.  Type of subclass of Astral
Strengths:  Can tell how someone is doing through subconscious, can change the mental state of someone, mentally strong against others
Weaknesses:  Easiest to be drive user insane, mind can become jumbled, odd

Energy comes from sun and some fire
Strengths: considered “the only acceptable magic”, great in day, balance of offensive and defensive, healing
Weaknesses: Bad at night, really hard to use, the 1%

Necro/ death
Energy comes from spirits
Strengths:  Strong, huge advantage in battlefield, good burial discounts
Weaknesses: holy sHIT its hard to get ready, consent is important even to the dead, bodies can be fragile, mistaken as blood magic

Energy comes from nature
Strengths: good in forests, gives healing powers, sense of who’s healthy or not
Weaknesses: ouch fire hurts, users usually still in stone age(ish), don't understand their modern technology

Energy comes from fire
Strengths: Works almost anywhere, fire hurts, good offense
Weaknesses: bad defense, ooof water, overly aggressive users

Energy comes from any water
Strengths: good as long as there's water, wise people, morally grey usually   
Weaknesses: bad at defense, morally grey, hard to change opinions (even if wrong)

Energy comes from air
Strengths: Very adaptable, witty and quick thinking
Weaknesses: temperamental, changes mind easily, impulsive
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