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Jeff's story
It the similar to the wiki page version and go to sleep and all that crap
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The Disney Princesses
I have been watching all my childhood favorites and am starting to realize some things. For now, I'm going to stick with just the princesses but if people want or this gets popular I'll continue. Let's think about the princesses!
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The Myths
A story that mixes greek gods with players of Wizard101! Epic right! Don't worry i am not some gamer geek. I am actually a Gamer Girly Girl! He he... Also sorry for any issues with spelling or unfinished words. Copy and Paste ...
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the ''ordanary day''
follow the magical adventure of twilight sparkle and her friends and who will be the evil villing lets check it out
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The Story Of The Owl Protecter
I am the owl protecter. It is my duty to protect all owl of the world. I was born with the Fire Eyes, which can burn through all evil. I was not like this before though...
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My Poetry Book
Short Poetic Rhymes, every poem has a brief lesson- each probably easy to recognize, I hope you enjoy them.
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