The Myths

The Myths

A story that mixes greek gods with players of Wizard101! Epic right! Don't worry i am not some gamer geek. I am actually a Gamer Girly Girl! He he... Also sorry for any issues with spelling or unfinished words. Copy and Paste wasn't working right. THIS IS A WARNING! I WROTE THIS ABOUT A YEAR AGO SO SPELLING AND GRAMMAR WASN'T VERY GOOD!

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Chapter 1.

The Storm, The Fire, The Life, and The Death...

The storm people were ruled by Zeus the god of thunder. His kingdom is in the seas, and had the strongest minions out of all the kingdoms. He had minions of the fire realm to support him.
Prometheus is the king of the fire realm.  The fire people lived in flames and wildfires.  Prometheus has very  strong minions as in fire cat, fire elf, and fire snakes. The fire people were very upset with the storm and the life realms.  A mortal enemy of the life people who lived up high in the trees and were ruled by Aphrodite. They healed  the storm people as pay for the protection they gave. They lived in the trees and use creatures such as styer, unicorns, and sprites to heal the storm people, but even they have enemies.  Aphrodite, their queen, was very strong willed against the fire king, Prometheus.  Pluto was a wicked, wicked god.  He was so wicked he could kill 100 men and not care, he may even laugh.

Zeus is very mad because Prometheus had lit a fire on his beautiful beach. He is so enraged he told all of his minions to create a mega storm to put out the fire on the beach.  The only problem was that Prometheus had Aphrodite held hostage.  Prometheus  and Pluto, who was called upon after the fire was lit. Prometheus knows that the life people heal the storm people, and that the storm people protect the life people.  If Prometheus  kidnaps  Aphrodite, the storm peoplecan’t send a storm to put the fire out  without  hurting the beautiful queen of life.  The only thing Zeus could do was wait, and wait, and wait. Until the death king came to terrorize the beautiful queen Aphrodite.  Zeus tried to throw lightning at Pluto and Prometheus but Zeus could not throw the strong and powerful lightning at Pluto.

"Stop throwing those pointy things at me!!!”, said Prometheus in a very confused voice.
“You do know that I can send a demon or two.”, said Pluto twiddling his fingers.
“They’re called lightning bolts, and I will stop.”, said Zeus rolling his eyes.
“Little Miss Aphrodite has a note for you!”, said Prometheus holding the black letter high in the air, waiting for Zeus to send his messenger to get it. Finally Zeus sent his messenger, and he retrieved the letter. When Zeus finally read the letter he knew exactly what it was. It was an encouragement letter. As he read the note, he got even more enraged:

                                                                                                                    Dear Zeus,
                               You are a very good man, and I know you can save me. You are the protector of my people. Send some of your minions to save me,     
                                                                                please. Help I am in torture. I know you can do it.

                                                                                                             Your Loving friend,

As Aphrodite instructed Zeus sent out his best minions to go save
same. If Zeus would send 1 minon in he would do the same. Eventually, Zeus figured it out, and used it against the fire lord. The move he used knocked out Prometheus's minions.

“How about a game of chess. I like chess.”, says Prometheus with a grin on his face.

“Absolutely, I love chess too.”, says Zeus with a great smirk.

“Let’s put a prize on this.  It will make it more entertaining.”, says Prometheus

“Okay, if I win, I get Aphrodite back, and you can never light a fire on my beach again. If you lose, I get Aphrodite and you will never see a fire on the beach again. Deal?”,  said Zeus with an innocent face.

“Deal. Wait what? No deal!  No deal!”, says Prometheus with an embarrassed face.

“But I will take it. If I win you let me get the girl forever!”, says Prometheus.

“Deal.”, says Zeus as he goes to sit down at the chess table.

“Uh uh, lets shake to make it official”, says Prometheus

“Okay let’s use a wizard to make the unbreakable deal in a regular form.”, says Pluto
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