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Warriors Forest Territory RP Horror Stories
A loose collection of really annoying stories on the Warriors Forest Territory RP. Enjoy. Cover art by Rixxy-Draws
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Dipper Pines Livestream
"MABEL! Get that camera out of my face! Mabel! I'm not doing that! Don't you dare touch that! Fine! I'll do it!" (Ask Dipper Pines!)
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Gravity Feels Oneshots
Basically Gravity Falls feels oneshots. (Possible more-shots, but it's unlikely) I'm going to make 'em with feels. It can be AUs, normal Gravity Falls, or after the series is over. DISCLAIMER: Alex Hirsch owns Gravity Falls.
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Reverse Warriors AU
This is an AU of Warrior cats where it's the same characters, but in different places. Some have switched, some have not. It kinda just switches when there is an opposite to that character, or a character can take his/her place...
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Snowberry's Path
Snowkit, a poor, helpless kit found on the ThunderClan border. ThunderClan accepts this kit. Proven skillful as a medicine cat, she becomes his apprentice. What is unknown to both of them is a shocking secret, one that could de...
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Bill CI the Angle Guy
This story is a surprise for all ages! Go ahead, read the story! You'll love every meaning(less) chapter! Specially Dem feels! Please rate 5 and comment!
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Warrior Cat Lullabies
Basically a collection of Warriors lullabies. Feel free to use some of this for an animation or singing! Just give me credit (and let me know if you did so I can see it!)
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Cast Asided
This is the story of a cat named Stellarpelt. She had everything she ever wanted, except a mate. The tragic mistake of falling for a WindClan Warrior destroys her life, and all she could ever want was revenge... DISCLAIMER!: I ...
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Sequel to Midnight. This story is in the perspective of Tiger, a kit who was always following the dark path...
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Gravity Falls Secrets and Goofs
Ever wanted to see some secrets and mysteries of Gravity Falls? Or some goofs? Then check this out!
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Midnight (1)
-This story is from my Storybird account called Minionfan12- Once a tribe cat, Midnight must learn to adapt to his new owners who adopt him from a lowly animal shelter. Fighting to free himself and return to the wild, he finds ...
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What Warrior cat are you?
This will show you what cat you would be from Warriors! (Made up cats.) Go through each one and then you can join my Warrior Cats roleplay once you get your character! (On my profile)
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Why you should watch Steven Universe
Wondering why is Steven Universe so popular? (If it`s not it should be!) And you never watched the show? Well, here`s some reasons! I hope this`ll change your mind on the show!
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Steven finally asks Garnet a question that has been on his mind for ages; how did Ruby and Sapphire meet? And Garnet decides that it is time she told him...
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Lapis_Lazuli Investigates: Steven Universe Theories
I am here to investigate on some Steven Universe theories (Like the Lion Theory). I am going to put my personal theory, but these theories were not created by me (unless posted otherwise.). Put what theories for Steven Universe...
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Lapis Lazuli
"Lapis..." Lapis Lazuli was always a Gem who was trapped beneath her own decisions. Should I join HomeWorld or Rose Quartz? Should I join Steven or sit here in my cold, hard prison cell? This story is a tribute to one of this s...
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Steven Universe`s Guide to the Crystal Gems for Humans
Says it all in the title. Will be constantly updated! Inspired by the new book coming in October, Steven Universe: Guide to the Crystal Gems. I would get that instead of this, because that`s created by the creator herself. So, ...
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Breaking Free
(Steven Universe story) In another dream, Steven learns that Lapis Lazuli and Jasper have unfused and now Jasper is after his dream self! Jasper keeps dragging him to her every time he goes to sleep, giving him nightmares until...
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Steven Universe Goes to School!
I feel like an idiot for making this story, but here goes. (I was reading a story like this and I wanted to make my own little story that I think would happen!) Steven finally asks the Gems if he can try school. The Gems say ye...
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