Snowberry's Path

Snowberry's Path

Snowkit, a poor, helpless kit found on the ThunderClan border. ThunderClan accepts this kit. Proven skillful as a medicine cat, she becomes his apprentice. What is unknown to both of them is a shocking secret, one that could destroy the Clans itself...

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Chapter 1.
Chapter One

Chapter One

     "Hey, Cinderstar! You might want to see this!" The young apprentice, known as Leafpaw, yowled.
     "Coming, Leafpaw. Can't a leader get some quiet for on second?" She meowed, then paused, staring at the tiny blue kit. "Leafpaw, was this kit on our territory?"
     "Yes, Cinderstar. The kit looks about a moon old. Very young. What kind of mother would leave her kit behind like that?"
     The blue kit had a white belly with streaks of black fur on her back. She was shivering in the snow, curled up in a ball.
     "Cinderstar, would you like me to bring her back to camp? I know a queen who can feed her." Leafpaw offered.
     "Yes, Leafpaw. That would be very much appreciated. Though, make sure Smallsong checks the kit out before giving her to Maplewhisker. We don't want an outbreak of Greencough."
"Oh, Leafpaw! This kit is beautiful! I'll name her Snowkit! I'm sure she'll get along fine with Mousekit and Blackkit!" A brown she-cat, Maplewhisker,  mewed with pleasure.
"And more kits means more warriors." A dark tabby tom, Maplewhisker's mate, meowed.
"Berryshade, this kit could be more than just a warrior. She could be the bearer of more kits, just what this Clan needs." Maplewhisker mewed as Snowkit feel peacefully to sleep.
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