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Anyone have Amino?
I have a Holiday Bash amino and I'm trying to get attention for it.
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Is this a normal feeling?/Relationship Advice
So uh, I feel kinda down. I'm going into high school this year, and I guess I feel kinda lonely. I see all these other girls and guys in relationships and I've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend in my life! I had one crush irl...
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I'm starting to feel really depressed and I don't know what to do.
So, I'm just starting to feel really depressed with a lot on my mind. I seem to have these mood swings where everything could be fine one minute and the next I'm on the ground crying from one small bad thing. But it's not norma...
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I think I like someone, but I don't know what to do...
So there's this girl that I think I've been crushing on for around a year. I finally accepted it fully today and realized it. Now, anxiety took over. I'm worried. I like her, but she broke up with her ex because she doesn't bel...
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Ever have a crush on someone who is on the internet, a TV show, movie, book, etc.? If so, who?
Idk random question that popped into my mind. ;3 (btw to answer my own question my crush is Dipper Pines)
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What do I do in this situation?
Okay, so I am about to be fourteen. I know everyone is going to say "Don't get involved with love, it only hurts" but I have no crushes and no one that I suspects that has a crush on me. I feel extremely lonely since everyone e...
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Any idea for things to do on a road trip?
I'm going to be going on a day long road trip. I've done some longer ones, but I want to see if anybody has any other ideas for things to do. I cannot read for long periods of time (I get carsick) btw.
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Is there a free way to find my ancestry?
I really want to know who my ancestors are, but I can't find a free website to do so. Any suggested ones?
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How to get skinnier?
I feel like I'm fat and I really want to be skinner. I have a huge eating problem (I eat a ton) and I don't know how to stop. I went to the doctor's and they said there was nothing wrong. I think I'm a bit fat and I really want...
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What kind of bug bit me?
So, a couple days ago I had a small white bump in the area. I felt nothing nor did I see anything. Then, about a day later, it swelled into a huge, red lump. It's really only itchy, but other than that I feel no pain unless I p...
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My lips are super chappy! Do you know any way to make them better faster?
I've been having this issue ever since I started some new acne medicine and I believe it is one of the side effects. The problem is, it hurts whenever I open my mouth and I also play a trombone in my school's Marching Band! It ...
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I can't get on my Twitter account. What can I do?
I don't know what happened or what to do, but my account isn't letting me on! I can't get in, even though my password is correct! What do I do?!
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Any new username ideas?
I just want a new username. Any new ideas that would fit me?
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Any kind of funny speech to text programs out there?
Good animating software/website?
I want to get a better animating website than Scratch that is cheap or free. I would really like it to be +10 better than Scratch if possible. Know any sites or software?
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I'm trying to create a Warrior Cats roleplaying game, but I don't know where to start.  Can anyone offer help?
I'm trying to create a Warrior Cats roleplaying game, but I don't know where to start. I still need a good, free website to create it with, and I need a team of admins as well, specially people with experience doing this.
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I still always feel depressed. I don't know what to do! Please help!
I still always feel depressed. I still have constant thoughts of hurting or killing myself. I think it's time to tell one of my closest friends that I trust with my life about it, but I don't know exactly how to tell her. I wan...
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Can someone explain to me why I should try Homestuck?
I need a new fandom and something new and I hear that Homestuck is good. The fact is that I tried it but five seconds into it I lost interest. The shows and fandoms I like have feels, interesting plots, and a twist of events. C...
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Can you give some advice?
I always feel like I'm eating too much, and I don't feel like admiting it. I can eat about two small bags of popcorn and a huge bowl of cereal in just one hour! I feel like I can't help it, and everyone tells me to eat less, bu...
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Who is the evilest cartoon villain?
Who do you think is the evilest cartoon villain? (My opinion is in the comments. :3)
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