Midnight (1)

Midnight (1)

-This story is from my Storybird account called Minionfan12- Once a tribe cat, Midnight must learn to adapt to his new owners who adopt him from a lowly animal shelter. Fighting to free himself and return to the wild, he finds himself an even bigger danger...

published on August 31, 201526 reads 4 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

“Midnight! We`re never going to find any food!” A gray cat hissed to a black cat.

“Fern! Calm down! I swear we’ll find a bite to eat in one of these cans!” The black cat mewed back

The two cats swirled around another trash can and tipped it over. Then they started digging through the rubble.

“Nothing! This is the seventh trash can today! Midnight, I`m starving! All we had yesterday was a rat to share!” Fern hissed.

“Look! Here`s half a pizza!” Midnight yowled with delight and started waving the half eaten pizza in Fern`s face.

“I`m sick of pizza! Why can`t we go back into the forest with the other tribes?”

“Because, Fern, if we go back, the other tribes will kill us completely off! They think we`re dead! Let them think that!” Hissed Midnight.

A truck with the words “Ricky`s Animal Control” pulled up. Two people with white shirts and white pants hopped out of the van with nets.

“Midnight!” Fern hissed.

“Oh shut up Fern! You put us all in danger with your worrying!” Midnight shouted.

All of a sudden, a person crept up behind Midnight. Their net swooped on Midnight and trapped her.

“Free me you monsters!” Midnight yowled to the men.

“Fern! I`m so sorry! I should have listened! Just, go, okay? Or else they`ll capture you, too!” Midnight mewed to Fern.

Fern slowly backed up into the darkness, then turned and ran.
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I also love the warrior cat series! ❤
on July 08, 2017