Cast Asided

Cast Asided

This is the story of a cat named Stellarpelt. She had everything she ever wanted, except a mate. The tragic mistake of falling for a WindClan Warrior destroys her life, and all she could ever want was revenge... DISCLAIMER!: I do not own the Warriors series. All I own are my OC's. NOTICE! Yes, this story might remind some people of the story of Mapleshade, and that's because this story is based on that, but a tad bit different!

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Chapter 1.


        "Oh Stellarkit, it seems you've lost interest with my story!" Goldenlily, an elder, mowed calmly.
        "Goldenlily, I could never lose interest! Continue on with the story of Mapleshade!" Stellarkit replied.
        "Okay, Stellarkit, but you better be listening. I don't tell these old tales to hear my own mews. So, where was I? Oh yes. Mapleshade was rejected from ThunderClan.  She raced to RiverClan, in hope of Appledusk saving her and her kits. Sadly, the kits never made it, and drowned. Weak and exhausted, she limped to RiverClan. Her spark of hope vanished. Appledusk rejected her, not even allowing her to stay for one night. She'd lost everything, and only wanted revenge. Because of that, she never had a star for her. In her life, she really lost everything."
        "Goldenlily, what happened - to Mapleshade?" Stellarkit squeaked like a mouse.
        "StarClan only knows. She escaped in the final raid from the Dark Forest. But don't worry little one. Mossheart will keep you safe."
        Mossheart was Stellarkit's mother. She was a gray tabby who always had streaks of green moss on her pelt. Tallfeather was Stellarkit's father. Tall, broad, and handsome, rumors went around that he would be the next deputy, until he was killed on the Thunderpath when Stellarkit was less than a moon old.
        Stellarkit heard tales of her father, and proud she always was. She buffed up her chest as her littermates sat around and heard tales of him. She wanted to be just like him, powerful and fearless, brave and daring. Except, she want leadership as well. Berrykit and Sunkit could care less about where their destinies lead them, but she knew where she wanted hers to go. She wanted hers to end right where she dies loyally, with her ninth life being taking from her and joining StarClan...
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Comments (1)

Epic story so far! Great job
on November 04, 2015