Gravity Feels Oneshots

Basically Gravity Falls feels oneshots. (Possible more-shots, but it's unlikely) I'm going to make 'em with feels. It can be AUs, normal Gravity Falls, or after the series is over. DISCLAIMER: Alex Hirsch owns Gravity Falls.

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Chapter 1.

Missing You

"Dipper! Bro, where are you?" Mabel shouted across the hall.
She threw books and her room was cluttered with papers and pencils.
/Nice, Dipper's old chewed up pens./ She thought, gagging at the sight of dried ink and slobber. /I hope he plans on cleaning this up himself./
She was going to clean up their room, first off 'cause Dipper wasn't around an second because they were leaving in a few weeks.
The sun was low, the sky growing dark. She shuffled the dirty clothes along the floor. A door creaked open then suddenly slammed. Mabel turned her head, seeing her twin's clothes covered with dirt and small scratches littered his skin.
"Where have you been?! I've been worried sick about you!" Mabel said, a hint of anger in her voice.
"I-I just was helping Great Uncle Ford with some research!" Dipper replied.
"You're head is bleeding, Dipper! You're acting like everything is fine but,-it just isn't." Mabel said, calmly walking over to her freshly cleaned bed.
"What do you mean? Everything's fine!"
"For you. For you, you must mean. I should've pressed that button!" She said, soft tears flowing down her face.
"What?! What did he do? Is it wrong for me to have a friend for once! The only person that doesn't tease me or make fun of me and you wish he was gone!" Dipper said, full of anger.
"No, that's not what I want."
"Then what is it that you want!?" Dipper said, fuming with anger like water in a pot boiling over.
"For-I don't know...both of us to be happy, I guess. Just, it seems like that cannot happen. I wish that we could both be happy-like how it was before. When it was just me and you." She said, looking up with tears drying up.
"Mabel, I'm sorry. I-I guess I was just so happy about my happiness that I forgot about yours. Can your forgive me?"
Mabel calmly stood up, holding out her arms. "Awkward sibling hug?"
Dipper held out his arms. "No, sincere sibling hug."
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