Breaking Free

Breaking Free

(Steven Universe story) In another dream, Steven learns that Lapis Lazuli and Jasper have unfused and now Jasper is after his dream self! Jasper keeps dragging him to her every time he goes to sleep, giving him nightmares until finally she succeeds in trapping him there...

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Chapter 1.
Can`t Sleep, Won`t Sleep

Can`t Sleep, Won`t Sleep

"Steven!" Garnet said as she rushed out of the temple the next day. "You have been having dreams about Lapis Lazuli and Jasper?"
"Um, yes. That`s what I was trying to tell you the night before." Steven responded.
"You need to tell me about them, now, so that I can go find them."
"Well, I don`t know much, but I know Lapis is still in control, I think. She was when I last visited her in my dream."
"Well then, you need to sleep again! Ask her and tell her that`s an order from me!"
"Um, okay, Garnet. But last time she didn`t tell me! Why do you think this time it`ll work?"
"Just do it! Steven, tell her we can help her in ways that she can`t alone. And we can defeat Jasper as a team."
"Okay. Quick, Pearl! Finish your dream!"
"My....dream? Um, well, I was.. huh?" Pearl said as she turned and saw Steven sleeping. "Ugg."

                                                                         ----Steven`s Dream-----
"Hello? Lapis, Jasper? Lapis!" Steven said as he reconized the blue Gem.
"Steven! Have you seen Jasper? We unfused and now he`s on the loose!" Lapis cried.
"No, what? He`s out there? I have to wake up and tell the Gems now! Lapis, will you be fine here if I left?"
"Yes, I think I can handle stuff myself."
"Well then, good-bye!"
                                                                         ----Real World---
"Ahhhh!" Steven said as he jumped up out of his bed.
"What is it Steven?" Garnet asked.
"It`s Jasper! They unfused and now she`s out there but me nor Lapis knows where!"
"What?" Amethyst said, surprised.
"Crystal Gems! Go to every spot on Earth so that we can track down Jasper!"
"But it wouldn`t be safe for Steven to be here, alone! We have to hide him!" Pearl said.
"We`ll ask if Lapis will watch over him. Steven, go to your dream and ask if Lapis Lazuli will watch over you. Tell her thanks if she says yes." Garnet said.
"But, Garnet! We don`t even know if we can trust Lapis Lazuli! She`s lacks some, selfless." Pearl stated.
"I don`t mind Lapis Lazuli watching me. I like her and I know I can trust her! I`ll go ask her right now to see if she can do it!"
"Do it now then, Steven." Garnet said.
Suddenly, Steven fell asleep.

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add the next plez I must read more this is to good!
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PLZ PLZ PLZ FINISH THE NEXT FLIPPIN CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Hm. Should I if you are reading it? XD
on July 02, 2015
on July 02, 2015