Lapis_Lazuli Investigates: Steven Universe Theories

Lapis_Lazuli Investigates: Steven Universe Theories

I am here to investigate on some Steven Universe theories (Like the Lion Theory). I am going to put my personal theory, but these theories were not created by me (unless posted otherwise.). Put what theories for Steven Universe that you want in the comments section and I hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
The Lion Theory

The Lion Theory

What is it?: The Lion Theory is a theory stating that Rose Quartz is Lion
Right now, do I believe this is true?: No
Evidence of it being true: In "Lion 3: Straight to Video" Rose says she will become a part of him. But where does the other part go? Most people say into Lion. Also, what is all Rose Quartz`s stuff doing in Lion? Most people would say she would put it there, but why was Lion in the desert? (Thanks goes to one of my friends for giving me all this information.)
Evidence of it being false: In "Lion 3: Straight to Video" Rose does say that she will become a part of him, but the other part that made Steven "not Rose" was because of his human half, from Greg. Rose Quartz could`ve put the stuff into Lion then put him in the desert, just so she could keep her secret about Lion.
What I say now with all the facts: I still do not believe this theory to be true.

                                                                -Post what you think about this theory in the comments section below!-
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on July 05, 2015