Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

"Lapis..." Lapis Lazuli was always a Gem who was trapped beneath her own decisions. Should I join HomeWorld or Rose Quartz? Should I join Steven or sit here in my cold, hard prison cell? This story is a tribute to one of this series` most precious Gems, who without the Crystal Gems might not be here today.

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Chapter 1.


Lapis Lazuli was always on the road to pain and prisoner. She was constantly in chains, trying to escape. Her life will always be scarred by tragedy. Even after she left Earth, hoping to find more peace and happiness on HomeWorld, she just was taking prisoner. No one knows why she was captured, but I believe it was cause those Gems knew what information she had gathered when she was trapped on Earth. She held precious information, for what those Gems far from know what she had learned.
She was forced to tell them where Steven and the rest of the Crystal Gems were. It seems as if she was begging them to not hurt Steven, saying that he`s just a human and not a threat at all, even though she knew what he could do. She wanted to protect him, to repay him, for the debt she owed him.
Lapis Lazuli`s final act for the Gems this far was when she fused with the beast, Jasper, in order to drag him and their fusion altogether into the deepest places in Earth`s ocean. But this wasn`t all she wanted to do for Steven.
When Steven finally visits her in a couple of dreams, she even states that she wants to do this for him, and to not go looking for her. No one really knows why she doesn`t want their help, but a theory is that she feels this is the debt she must re-pay to him. For a thank you that had already been received.
This story/mini set of stories is in honor of Lapis Lazuli and all the sacrifices that she made. So, enjoy!
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on July 25, 2015
I love it๐Ÿ˜˜
on July 03, 2015