Warrior Cat Lullabies

Warrior Cat Lullabies

Basically a collection of Warriors lullabies. Feel free to use some of this for an animation or singing! Just give me credit (and let me know if you did so I can see it!)

published on November 08, 201519 reads 9 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.
Spottedleaf's Goodbye

Spottedleaf's Goodbye

Rest softly, my love,
For know this is good-bye,
I love the times we spent together
Just know this is good-bye

Know I did everything for you
Just so you'll be happy
I never imagined
That things would be this way
Just know this is good-bye

Sleep tightly, my love
Know I'm still up there for you
One day, the stars may line up again
Just know this is good-bye

Times may be tough
When you knew I wasn't with you
But now I may seem father away
Maybe this isn't good-bye

I died according to my destiny
Following my path
But that doesn't mean we'll be separated forever
Our love shall keep us together

Nothing will break us apart
Nothing, not even death!
For I will love you forever
And our hearts shall stay mended together...
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Comments (1)

Let me guess spottedleaf? So sad!
on November 08, 2015