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Ways People Will be Killed by Climate Change
This is not a story. It is a real life collection of facts about what will happen if humanity does not stop the climate catastrophe.
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Q & A about my religion (Christianity) + Stories
I got bored, so I decided why not?? PLEASE NOTE: If I can not answer a specific question, that does not mean it is unanswerable. I am still a student who is learning. ALSO: different denominations have different takes on contro...
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A Walk With God
This is a little project I put together for my life group. It summarizes the Christian faith and answers a few questions. If you have any more questions that you would like answered, just ask me! DISCLAIMER: This is NOT me tryi...
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What your Spirit Animal means
We each have a spirit animal but do you know what your spirit animal truly means? (Work in Progress)
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125 reasons to live
please credit if you repost because this took a long time to write and it would be really appreciated
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Hey Peeps! (Who I am)
Ummm... this is just a note/letter saying stuff... IDK! But FYI, you can comment and tell me this sucks! (i don't care if you do or don't)
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Ask a question and I will answer honestly
A little Q&A I suppose. If you have a question or something you want to confirm, just ask it. If it is something you would prefer me to not post on the story but you want to ask, let me know.
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My Heartbreaking Poem
This is such an influential poem. The first chapter will talk about it and then the second chapter will be the poem
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Luxury Assfire x reader
UwU the Luxury Assfire x reader(you) because we all love them. They're so Gucci and Icy and Lil and so assy and firesome. So ofcourse you're gonna get to date them maybe even kiss them...Ooh read to find out and live out your f...
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Let the carnation bloom throughout the night because nothing last forever...
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Top 5 Ice Cream Flavors
As requested by AirbourneRanger and Hikari_Chan, Here is another top 5 featuring my favorite Ice Cream flavors! (Just a disclamier, I'm allergic to eggs, so some of your favorite ice cream flavors may not be on this list becaus...
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Scootaloo's Mom
This includes Firefly, the cmc (including starlight), and some other fillies.
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Flowers (1)
Whenever or wherever your soulmate gets hurt... flowers grow at the wounds, infecting them. This only happens if you have seen your soulmate anywhere. This content is for MATURE AUDIENCES. Triggers: Self harm, smoking, bullying...
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Hetalia Human Conspiracy Theory
Have you ever heard of it? All of the nations used to be humans, but died in a certain way. After they died, they went into a heaven-like world..not really they're just in a new world of where they're nations. They're all dying...
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I'm Coming Home
Holy Roman Empires last moments What will he think about? I think we all know
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Horoscope Signs
all types of horoscopes! some will be really random and some will be from you guys. if you have a idea tell me and i might add it. And this is my FIRST story.
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Dana's mother died and she has been skipping school. Her parents don't know because whenever it is time to go to school she goes somewhere else.
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Reasons To Be Happy
Just a cheer up book to help people with bad moods or depression. hopefully this will help :) surely something in here can make you happy. Comment you favorite numbers.
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