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My life story (1)
I story about what it was like to grow up for me. Do not read if you can't handle sad stories.
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Pack of Wolves: Duskstar's Untold story
Duskstar has many many secrets, but one is a story on why she became the Alpha of Starpack. She is very wise wolf even when was just a pup, did Cloudpack grant her this power or was she cursed with it?
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Flowers (1)
Whenever or wherever your soulmate gets hurt... flowers grow at the wounds, infecting them. This only happens if you have seen your soulmate anywhere. This content is for MATURE AUDIENCES. Triggers: Self harm, smoking, bullying...
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Hetalia Human Conspiracy Theory
Have you ever heard of it? All of the nations used to be humans, but died in a certain way. After they died, they went into a heaven-like world..not really they're just in a new world of where they're nations. They're all dying...
24 reads 9 readers 5 by King_of_Booty_Shorts
I'm Coming Home
Holy Roman Empires last moments What will he think about? I think we all know
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Horoscope Signs
all types of horoscopes! some will be really random and some will be from you guys. if you have a idea tell me and i might add it. And this is my FIRST story.
827 reads 40 readers 29 by morgan5021
Dana's mother died and she has been skipping school. Her parents don't know because whenever it is time to go to school she goes somewhere else.
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Qfeast Academy Book 1: Saving a Friend
We all live here, I'm qfeast academy, nobody knows what they signed up for unless they read the fine print.
136 reads 33 readers 49 by Gay.Irish.boi.Phoenix
Reasons To Be Happy
Just a cheer up book to help people with bad moods or depression. hopefully this will help :) surely something in here can make you happy. Comment you favorite numbers.
18 reads 12 readers 4 by unaveragekpopstan
Ready For Action
If don't like Minecraft DON'T READ . But if you just want to read something go ahead . There's a Group out in the Snowy biome . No one dare go near . For they have a sprites that want revenge . ( Grammar will be fix when Story ...
12 reads 8 readers 2 by BajanCanadianFan
Very important messages EVERYONE needs to hear
I honestly think everyone needs to hear these words and you might call me a Hippocrate but e truth is we are all Hippocrates and we all need to hear this.
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Secret Life of A Slytherin
Rae didn't want to be a Slytherin. McKenzie and Miles didn't want to be paired together by friends. Omar wanted to be someone else, while Paris was so accepting of herself she was hated because of it. In this story, find out ho...
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The Dead One
This is about a Oc named Marly Sweets and plz and I hope you enjoy the Story
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Once There Was A War
The planes flew by. I was scared. Well not scared. More like terrified. They dropped bombs like madmen. All I coul here were explosions, and all I could think if were my parents, who had not yet returned home.
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Earlier sunsets consist of later dawns
This is a psychological story full of thoughts and experiences from a sexually confused man who suffers from schizophrenia inside a mental hospital. Includes homosexuality and deep subjects that could trigger thoughts / actions.
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Sad Stories ;-;
A couple of sad stories I've come up with. Just a warning: There will be death and blood. Just a warning! Don't like? Don't read!
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Memory Of The Moon
(The description in unavailable, due to your lack of reading the book. If you want to know what the story is about, just read it c: )
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Warrior Cat Lullabies
Basically a collection of Warriors lullabies. Feel free to use some of this for an animation or singing! Just give me credit (and let me know if you did so I can see it!)
19 reads 9 readers 1 by DipperPinesShades
LGBT: The Complete Idiot's Guide
Have you ever wondered what the letters in LGBTAPIQ stood for? Or why there are so many different sexualities? Maybe you're still unsure about what it means to be transgender? Open this book, and all your questions will be answ...
225 reads 59 readers 10 by BenderIsGreat
me and my ghost
Lila is a 12 year old girl who has always been able to talk to ghost. her mom died when Lila was born so she was stuck with her drunk dad. now the most people she talks to are the ones not even alive.
34 reads 4 readers 1 by Maya_swan