Scootaloo's Mom

Scootaloo's Mom

This includes Firefly, the cmc (including starlight), and some other fillies.

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Chapter 1.
Some memories

Some memories

Dear mom,
Long time no chat. You have missed alot. My cutie mark, my friends, even faceing my fears. Yesterday, this kid slapped me across the face. I got a black eye. My friends helped me see
the bright side.

About a month ago, Starlight got her Cutie Mark, which was a few months from when i got mine. I completely forgot about her. Im getting jealous because she has powers. Since she became cursed by nightmare moon, che could run very fast.

We just got a pig during the week. His name is Ruben. He is so cute and fluffy and loving. Im getting this weird feeling and i dont know what it is. I broke up with Rain Catcher and ever since, i have some weird feelings.

We went to the Fillies museum of Los Pegesus. That is where i got slapped in the face.That reminded me of the time when diamond tiara hit my wing. I told you then you told miss cheerlee.

I know im soppost to be brave, but every time somepony asks "Dear, where is your mom." I start to cry and point to Sandy. I wish I could go back in time and save you. It would change the timeline. I remember from watching the flash with you. That was good times

Your loving daughter,

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