Sequel to Midnight. This story is in the perspective of Tiger, a kit who was always following the dark path...

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

mew mew!!!

“Angel, this kitten is adorable!” an orange tabby said.

“Cougar, what do you want to name him?” Angel, a silky white cat, asked.

“Tiger, for our newly born cat.” Cougar answered.

Over the course of a few days, Tiger was the only kit who lasted. All the others, his two sisters, Princess and Cupcake, died of illness. Tiger may of thought he was the lucky one, but not quite...

“Marty! Bring Tiger here. I can’t care for all these cats! One of them has to go, and it’s Tiger!”

“Mary, you know we can’t separate the kit from it’s mother until six months. After six months, we can take him to the shelter. Without staying with his mother, he’ll die.” Marty replied.

“That little runt will probably die anyway, like his sisters. You know so far that Tiger is the only one who survived! Just give ‘em a couple days, he’ll die, you’ll see.”
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