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Our trip to Earth.
Yes a lot of these episodes are from Sonic X. I do not own Sonic X also sorry if your not in here but this was when I role played with Sapphire and Bailey.
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Enerons Journey
Eneron finds an unknown attic in his house, searching for something mischeveous to do. Whilst doing so Eneron discovers a note from long ago that could be able to stop the lord dracularus from over coming. Eneron starts wonderi...
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The Past To The Future
The Past The Future is about a little girl named Morgan growing up in a old gross cottage with no one but her self.She lived alone at the age of 2 years she had a young maid who loved her very much.When the little girl was abou...
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The Mystery Girl
This is the story of an elemental girl and her twin sister. Thanks to @Icelandpatha for creating the page elemental rp which inspired me to write this story. Also thank you to @RoseHeart, for helping me with the translation.
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Life is a Piece of Hell
Don't like summaries and can't write them! so yeah... XD XP no clue why i did that!
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Edgeheart and Sunstrike, Truth of the Past
Edgeheart and Sunstrike have some connection, but none of Sunstrike's descendants knew what it was or why. This is a telling of their story and how they are connected. This is the truth of the past, the story of Leafclan, and o...
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The Story Of Lucinda The Hedgehog
Discover the life of Lucinda and find out what made her into the tough hedgehog. Find out the past she has and how the past effects the future. I hope you enjoy her life story! :)
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Sword Art Online
This is the story of Syria and her adventure through Sword Art Online, with many others also.
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Glitched In
When Steven is sucked into his favorite game, Minecraft, he must try to get out.
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Brandy and Chance's modern adventures
Brandy Jody Biersack and Chance Jody Biersack are twins who came from their parents, Bryanna Biersack and Andy Biersack. their little sister Hazzy Biersack Is only a year old. life is modern for Brandy and Chance. their father ...
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"Tell Me A Lie"
Can't ever get it right No matter how hard I try And I've tried. Well, I put up a good fight But your words cut like knives And I'm tired
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Tears of despair
Ryou and Tokiko are sitting outside in the rain, Sachiko had been watching there every move and plans on doing something ! Enjoy the story.
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Dawn's New Path
Dawn is an intelligent silver and grey she-cat. Without a known past she must carve a new path for herself. She gets used to life in the city, but then things turn for the worse. Meeting friends, and losing some along the way, ...
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Total Drama Pasta!
The new Total Drama crew.. Only Creepypasta's have entered! There all fighting, winning, betraying, losing for the big.. ONE.. MILLION.. DOLLARS!
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The Eternal War
Living a tough sixteen year life, Suki knew how to stay strong and fight. When the war starts, she never imagined her best friends, Mako and Koga, and her self would be involved fighting a adult war. Unknown of who they were fi...
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A pokemon girl story !
I got bored so I decided to make a pokemon story so I hope you enjoy it
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The Story Of Starr The Hedgehog (1)
This is my first story so please no mean comments and if there is anyone you want me to add or you would like to be in the story please tell me. I hope you like it!
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creepypasta vacation time!
We all heard of creepypastas right? Have you ever thought about what would happen if they all went on vacation? One word comes to mind; DISASTER! In this story, see what will happen with the pastas, who will they meet? What wil...
43 reads 20 readers 1 by Marxstar
QwErTy: The Awakening
The evil lord, Qwerty awakens from an "eternal" sleep. He hopes to destroy the world as we know it. Young boy, Raven hopes to stop him... This is a COMEDY! (Any age preferably 9 and up)
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Attention All Demigods!!!
An amazing discovery, a thing that will make you scream for your mommy and daddy, and their wallets... :D !!!
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