Fiction and Nonfiction
What a dad!
Arwen has just relised her dad is the dark lord! uh oh... what trouble will happen? how much mischeif is sheila?
27 reads 15 readers 0 by yayaFRENZY
Life of elfs! ( lord of rings)
Arwen has just seen a reflection of her and her family. herself starts to fade but her sis recieves a crown. she has a sis? she has a family? her brother is legolas???
57 reads 13 readers 7 by yayaFRENZY
The Adventures of Nelly Rolph- secret spy.
Nelly Rolph isn't just an ordinary girl.. she's a top-secret spy agent, working for TSEAF (The Secret Elite Agent Force). She travels all over the world with her partner, Sophie Gibbs... stopping their arch enemy.. BLOCK and th...
39 reads 13 readers 15 by Beauty784
I have died everyday
Lily doesn't know what to do her mother and father died and a plane crash but she just might find somebody to trust and fall into.
42 reads 27 readers 7 by JeanKirschtein
The ultimate test! Can I survive my fears? Or will I be stuck in a creepy Chuckie Cheese's FOREVER?
69 reads 17 readers 5 by wolfness
Miller's story
Wow a new Demigod! Too bad all she can do is make Rainbows....:( Also, me being awesome!
76 reads 14 readers 2 by wolfness
My Life at Camp Half Blood :)
Between quests, my very awesome life goes on. This is one particular not-so-normal day...
106 reads 26 readers 4 by wolfness
Adventures with Pewdiepie
It is about me and Pewdiepie stuck in Amnesia.real life version complete.
41 reads 25 readers 3 by Lara_Laufeyson
The Quest for Chaos: Ella's Story
I go on my first quest! It turns out to be an Epic fail but whatever, at least I got to go on a quest.
16 reads 3 readers 1 by wolfness
If i was in the hunger games i would...
this story will be about what i would do if i was reaped for the hunger games and you have to read to see if i will live or be killed by the other tributes
51 reads 28 readers 1 by lizzie554
My Demigod Life
You might know me from Charlie's stories. Well, I'm Ella, daughter of, yeah, Athena.
125 reads 24 readers 11 by wolfness
Hunger Games song
HEHEHEH!! Read please!! i totally love doing this now :D hope you like! enjoy! whatever!
62 reads 58 readers 12 by GlowingAndFading
Harry Potter song
Created by my friends and I, you can give me ideas if you want :) POTTERHEADS WILL RULE!
151 reads 76 readers 17 by GlowingAndFading
A quest of a lifetime!
My first quest! Awsome also a new procphey! ohh ahh Exciting and new demigods!!!
45 reads 9 readers 2 by charlie.clements.7
The minecraft story
Join Steve in his minecraft adventure on a boat. Part 2 coming soon. Hope you like it!
36 reads 22 readers 1 by BlueStripedFox
Off With My Gossip
Kirsten is clearly a nerd but when she gets a chance to be the cute kinda gossip girls she turns it down.Now,her phantom is hauntinng her and messing up her life.Will Kirsten ever get rid of her phantom.Or will he be off with h...
37 reads 24 readers 5 by alwaysthebest
The Girl With No Name
This is about a girl who was left at an orphanage when she was born because her mother didn't want her. Now, she's about to go on the adventure of her life ot find out 'Who is she?'.
146 reads 61 readers 39 by TheDoctorsAwesomestAssistant
Lost City of Atlantis
This action packed story is full of surprises. When Western European senior Mark Skuldmen and his 2 best friends Millan Cooper and Sarah Waters finish school for the summer they go on a trip oversees using Mark's dad's ship and...
8 reads 6 readers 0 by elissamoore
Hunger games in my eyes!
This is what my hunger games whould be like!!!! And there is a new main charater named Susan!
41 reads 24 readers 30 by Megan3636
The Adventures of Cato and Clove
Well.. this is my story of Clove and I having adventures through District 2 and Nyan Moon!!!
154 reads 45 readers 18 by achangeofhann