Fiction and Nonfiction
Kate Tasty
This is a Creepypasta-style fan character of mine. I am not very proud of it to be honest, but others might like it. This story is turning out to be kind of long, and most of it isn't even Creepypasta. it is pretty much how my ...
128 reads 13 readers 4 by Frostgoddess
Lost (2)
Bonnie just found her true love but something happens that will change her life. More like end it.
9 reads 3 readers 1 by MaeMie
To stop a bully.. Chose your path editon
You've been bullied last year nonstop by a boy named Jim. It's the first day of school .... How would you deal with a bully read to find out! Also __ stands for your name! Enjoy!
94 reads 39 readers 4 by Mikaela.Hyakuya
Alexis the Hedgebat
Sorry had to delete my old one but it's still the same chapters and stuff.
601 reads 70 readers 112 by Noescaping
My brain's off in Neverland
The life of a harsh, bully to boys, overall good person loner. Petra Pan wants people to understand how she feels.
24 reads 6 readers 5 by sisaloofafump
your super hero name!
if you wee a super hero what would you name be and your power. im soo bored
47 reads 25 readers 11 by gill_mcg
A 13 year old kid named mark walks through the world of dreams, every night he dreams a continuation to the previous dreams he has had last year he went into a coma for an unknown reason but that time he had the most realistic ...
32 reads 18 readers 3 by DarkStar
Puppy eyes: part 2
see what happens to this young pup after he was slung in the river p.s if you haven't read part 1 read it first!!!
18 reads 6 readers 0 by kitkat01
Puppy eyes
this is a story about the life of a puppy through his eyes and what happens to him
40 reads 17 readers 5 by kitkat01
A Visit to Atlantes
This is about a girl who falls out of the sky and lands on the planet Atlantes. Enjoy =)
9 reads 7 readers 2 by TankBerserk
Rise of the Dragons
This story takes place in ancient Rome, and the main characters, Linet and Gareth, are married. It has some twists to it, and I hope you like it!!!
12 reads 9 readers 4 by Mcdazzle2000
The Biding Of Our Time
A wolf. A human. Soul-Mates, from different sides of the world. What will happen when they meet? (Cover art is NOT mine!)
10 reads 8 readers 0 by Spirit_Wolf
Spirit horse
When a horse from the heavens come to save a young teen, Dean, every thing in his life changes. Thanks to the horse named Starlight, Deans parents have no idea who he is. Even though Starlight destroyed everything, she is Deans...
15 reads 11 readers 0 by Emowolfgirl
the new horse
this is about my pony we just bought for my sister and we can`t to get her.
18 reads 7 readers 4 by alizabeth22
Ugh, I don't want to write this again. This story is about 3-5 people who all embark on a journey to remember. Remember what, though, is the question we all have to ask.
7 reads 5 readers 1 by itachiloverful
The War, The survival of one
My parents were murdered in front of my own eyes, I remember running away from my house running as far as possible not stopping until sunset. I had run all the way from Pecem to Bellum, I couldn't continue running even if I tri...
10 reads 9 readers 4 by sh0ck
World War Z demo
This is a different story than the movie I have been working on this since before the movie came out so that's why the title is that this is about a complete world war consisting all countries fighting for the world ALSO TELL M...
3 reads 1 reader 1 by BaconBits
haunted night
people are scared of being dead but I say have no fear but many people in many of the country are scared of dying.
10 reads 6 readers 1 by shizuka
Ana's Diary
A young ten-year old named Ana must face many challenges. She gets kicked out of her own home, develops powers, and fights madmen. Worst of all, she....
14 reads 7 readers 4 by HappyDogs
A wolf starts off stray. He was known as Silent, the wolf who roams the forest. One day was his luckiest. He was offered shelter, food, water, and to train, fight, to become a warrior. He was requested to go on a special journe...
61 reads 15 readers 5 by Emowolfgirl