ShadowFlames' Prophecy - book 1.

ShadowFlames' Prophecy - book 1.

This is my fan cat's: ShadowFlames' story it's one of the first one's I've wrote about him and I'll be looking forward to your comments!

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Chapter 1.
The beginning...

The beginning...

The air was thick as ShadowfFames stuck his head through the bramble and  undergrowth. The stars of silverpelt, unusually shone brightly in the dawn sky, the reflection of it however was reflected amongst the lake in the middle of all the Clans. ShadowFlames padded over to the fresh-kill pile to eat a nice plump mouse he had, had his eye's on since last nights meal, he bent over to pick it up with his sharp teeth when he noticed FireStar signalling him with his tail.
ShadowFlames wanted to retaliate so he could eat his breakfast first but he had only just woken up and wasn't really in the mood for arguing.

"good morning ShadowFlames, are you ready for ForePaw's test?" Meowed FireStar  

ShadowFlames' yellow eye's glistened with respect towards the young, yet noble Warrior. ForePaw Was one of ShadowFlames' children his Son was named LightningPaw and was doing exceptionally well in his training although ForePaw was a little bit giddy and had always had a slight bounce to her small paws, which worried ShadowFlames a little.

"Yes FireStar, she's ready." Politely replied ShadowFlames,

FireStar dipped his head in respect and headed back to his den for once ShadowFlames was actually quite happy and he just purred. He was walking towards the exit of the camp when he saw BrambleClaw looking quite puzzled.

"Ah ShadowFlames." Meowed BrackenFur "Are you available for the patrol this morning?"

ShadowFlames was feeling quite tensed this morning and needed to do some stretches so he agreed to go with BrambleClaw and BrackenFur.

"Okay! We'll go as far as the ShadowClan border." purred BrambleClaw

ShadowFlames nodded and then glanced his head back towards the apprentice's den wondering if ForePaw was okay.

"Er, BrambleClaw? Can I bring ForePaw with us? It'll be great experience for her!" Embarrassingly asked ShadowFlames.

BrambleClaw purred happily and nodded it looked as if he was in a good mood this morning, as ShadowFlames padded over to the apprentice's den, he could hear slight snoring noises of LightningPaw and the other cats. As ShadowFlames poked his head through the bramble and moss he saw ForePaw twitching, she was having a dream unfortunately she had to be woken up, it would be her last time outside the camp while having to be accompanied by a Warrior.

"ForePaw? C'mon get up were going on the dawn patrol!" Meowed ShadowFlames

the Silver tabby twitched a little then scrambled to her feet.

"Why are you so happy?" Muttered ForePaw

"I'm not!" Growled ShadowFlames "Now c'mon." ShadowFlames flicked his tail annoyingly and padded off towards the exit of ThunderClan.

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I'm making it a book not for sale or anything. But i'll make copies and Put a plastic cover on it :) Don't know how I'll make it possible but I have high hopes It'll work.
on November 25, 2013
sorry but it's not a book...
on November 25, 2013