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Skullish Distraught
This is a dark story about a teenage girl named Adelia, who has just turned 16 and has just been told her family secret. If she is to tell anyone the "Reaper" is to come for her, and take away her life. Hope you enjoy it!
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The Ultimate Fan Character Story!
I have many fan characters and each of them will be included. Even the ones that haven't yet been fully updated!
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ShadowFlames' Prophecy - book 1.
This is my fan cat's: ShadowFlames' story it's one of the first one's I've wrote about him and I'll be looking forward to your comments!
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The Sharringan Demon.
(Warning: This includes characters that are not from the original series!) A few years after The Fourth Great Shinobi War Sasuke realized after killing some beholders of the sharringan, he needed to find a solution to his cravi...
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Sonic vs Shadow
As Sonic relaxed chilling in Chris's house/mansion he watched the local news on the t.v. "A Black and Red hedgehog, referd to 'Shadow the hedgehog' has destroyed a numerous ammount of buildings in downtown metropolis, this hed...
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